The “SHORTEST river in the world”

Written in several languages, the sign reads the 'shortest river in the world'. Though factually untrue


Written in several languages, the sign reads the ‘shortest river in the world’. though in recent years its competitors in Indonesia and Norway have won the throne, this tiny river unquestionably remains the shortest one in Italy. Let’s find out where it is.

The “SHORTEST river in the world” is a couple of hours far from Milan

# The Aril River is 175m long


Located on the north-eastern shore of Lake Garda, Cassone is a small hamlet in the municipality of Malcesine (Verona). The small town is famous because the Aril river, the shortest river in Italy. Only 175 metres long, it was, until a few years ago, regarded as shortest river in the world.

# From Indonesia to Norway. The world’s new shortest rivers

For a while now, new competitors have emerged. Fighting to reach the top of the list of the world’s shortest rivers are The Tamborasi River in Indonesia and the Kovasselva River in Norway, both 20 meters long. With its 27 meters, the Reprua River in Abkhazia, Georgia won third place.

# The Aril river remains the shortest in Italy (and retains the world’s shortest sign)

Regardless of the above, the sign is still there, proclaiming the river’s international supremacy. And “the shortest river in the world” keeps on flowing, despite its smaller, unthreatening rivals in the East.
(Original article by Marco Abate)