The O-shaped SKYSCRAPER: will it be the most BEAUTIFUL (and the strangest) skyscraper in the WORLD?

It will be built in the so-called "Heaven on Earth"

Credits: Oppo Tower

Nowadays futuristic, high and special skyscrapers appear everyday in all the skylines of the most important and modern cities. We could create a new competition and decide which is actually the most beautiful, a sort of world parade of skyscrapers where we elect the “Skyscraper of the World” instead of “Miss World”. Which could be the Italian candidate? And the British or French ones? What is sure is that the Oppo Tower would be the Chinese candidate and, perhaps, it could win also the competition.

The O-shaped SKYSCRAPER: will it be the most BEAUTIFUL (and the strangest) skyscraper in the WORLD?

# A mix of refinement, innovation and ecology

The Oppo Tower

China has become the place where architects want to experiment more and more: in fact, there are many modern and futuristic buildings in this country. In the imaginary parade of skyscrapers, the new project of BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) for the construction of the Oppo Tower in Hangzhou could take away the throne to the current most beautiful Chinese skyscraper and become the candidate for the competition, even aspiring to be the most beautiful and strangest skyscraper in the world. The future “O”-shaped building would be the perfect mix between refined aesthetics and innovative technology: it will be economically and socially sustainable, but above all it would be built respecting nature.

# The headquarters of the Oppo company

Interiors of the Oppo Tower

This new skyscraper will be the headquarters of the largest and most important Chinese mobile phone company founded in 2004, i.e. Oppo. The company wanted new creative and dynamic working areas and the BIG project perfectly meets the needs of such a technologically advanced company. The offices of the building are illuminated by natural light and from them you can enjoy panoramic views, ensuring greater well-being for workers and therefore greater productivity. An inner garden will be the core of the building: the oasis and the rest of the first floor will create a public space welcoming staff and visitors.

In addition, as mentioned above, the building is eco-sustainable. In fact, the facade of the skyscraper is designed so as to reduce reflectivity, glare and light pollution, and to improve performance in terms of climate conditions and thermal comfort of the indoor spaces.

# In one of the 7 oldest cities in China

Top view of the Oppo Tower

The Oppo Tower will fit into the skyline of one of the 7 oldest cities in China, which today is becoming the Chinese capital of technology. Not so far from Shanghai, Hangzhou is known as “Heaven on Earth” thanks to its 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but also to its focus on innovation. The new building will be built in the heart of the Yuhang district, in an area that stretches between a natural lake, an urban center and a 10,000 sqm park.

The only thing that we have to do now is to wait for the new parade of skyscrapers to be launched and see if the Oppo Tower will really be the favorite Chinese competitor.