FINANCIAL TIMES discovers the “VALLEY OF LAKES”: one hour from Milan and at “HUMAN COSTS”

After the boom of half a century ago, a territory now snubbed by the Milanese. One of the most famous newspapers in the world thought about rediscovering it

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A world-wide dream: a house on Lake Como. The problem is that now they cost a shot and very few can afford it. But just go a little way to find yourself in an enchanted valley where even the lakes become two. An ideal place for lovers of life in the midst of nature, away from the noise of the cities, where the air is clean and where you can buy a house at reasonable prices. Also because after the boom half a century ago it is now snubbed by the Milanese. And not just them. One of the most famous newspapers in the world thought about rediscovering it.

FINANCIAL TIMES discovers the “VALLEY OF LAKES”: one hour from Milan and at “HUMAN COSTS”

# The Intelvi Valley: one of the most popular low-cost destinations for international investors

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Less famous and more distant than the classic locations of Lake Como, the Intelvi Valley is increasingly becoming a popular destination for both the day tourist and for those who want to buy a property for holidays or to live in the midst of nature without spending exorbitant amounts. This was revealed by the Financial Times, the famous British economic-financial newspaper, in an article entitled “Club Alt-Med: buyers choose lesserknown locations over hotspots” which shows the trend taking place all over the world among many buyers to buy their own home, summer and beyond, in more isolated places and where real estate values are significantly lower.

# Some testimonials collected

Credits bi.nicoletta IG – Upper Valle d’Intelvi

Among the testimonies collected for Italy is that of the Roman Fabio Cenci who has always dreamed of moving to Lake Como and who, after numerous searches in the most famous locations, turned to the Intelvi Valley for a matter of prices. In fact, if in the municipality of Tremezzina a house per square meter has come to cost 3,542 euros, in Lanzo, the last municipality of the Alta Valle Intelvi before the border with Switzerland, where the interviewee has chosen to live, the prices are lowered more than three times up to € 1,154 per square meter. “I couldn’t have afforded a house in Como. This, on the other hand, is what I have always dreamed of: located in a wooded area near the mountains, but still close to the city and Lugano”.

Further evidence of the advantageous prices of this area comes from Sara Zanotta of Lakeside Real Estate in Menaggio, who confirmed that in other locations on Lake Como a house of the same type, with three bedrooms, a beautiful garden and a wonderful view, it would have cost at least twice as much.

# Hidden beauties in a strategic position

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Val d’Intelvi connects Lake Como with that of Lugano. In a few kilometers you pass from the view over Argegno (Lake Como) to that of Porlezza (north end, Italian of Lake Lugano) to that of Lugano on the shores of the lake of the same name. Coming from Como opens the Dizzasco valley, the most glamorous location in the valley with prices already skyrocketed. Then there are Castiglione and San Fedele which represents a sort of “capital of the Intelvi valley”. Continue with Pellio up to Lanzo which shares the border with Switzerland for many kilometers and from which the balcony of Italy rises with a view of a good portion of the Western Alps.

The location is strategic. From Lanzo, go down and take the Swiss motorway. In 20 minutes you are in Lugano, in just over an hour you are in Milan. Until the seventies Lanzo was a trendy place, where the Milanese upper class bought and built luxury homes. Today it is a bit decadent, also due to the interruption of the funicular that connected it with Campione d’Italia and with Switzerland, but it remains an incredible series of Art Nouveau villas with still very eye-catching gardens in a unique natural context in this part. of Italy. And, for now, the high number of “for sale” signs on palaces of fallen nobility stands out, but with still very affordable prices.



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