SLEEPING in a HUT on top of the ALPS with stars view

Let’s find out where you can have this incredible experience

Credits - Starbox vista lago

Do you want to sleep surrounded by the stars in close contact with nature? Let’s find out where you can have this incredible experience

SLEEPING in a HUT on top of the ALPS with stars view

# A hut in the Swiss Alps to sleep surrounded by stars

Credits – StarsBOX

There is a place where you can fall asleep looking at the stars on top of the Alps, inside a small cottage with a sliding roof. These wooden houses are equipped with a comfortable bed and pillows, as well as a camping blanket, and allow you to live a unique experience, located in a beautiful environment in contact with nature.

But there is no other comfort: there is no electricity, so remember to bring power banks with you to load your devices and torches, sleeping bags and heavy clothes and don’t forget to bring water or drinks and food as well.

Credits – Starbox

From here you can enjoy a 360 degree view of Lake Maggiore and the Alps, as well as the Locarnese, the Bellinzonese and the Luganese area. In case of days with strong wind from the north you can also see the Po Valley and its agglomerations.

# How to reach these small wooden houses

Credits starboxofficial – Monte Gambarogno

To reach the destination and enjoy your dream nights you have to go through the Ticino going up to the top of Gambarogno mount, a 45-minute walk from the Alpe di Neggia which is located 13km by car from Vira Gambarogno. There are two houses available so make sure you have booked yours before you plan your trip.

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