The amazing BEACH OF THE CATHEDRALS that APPEARS and DISAPPEARS depending on the tide

Are you dreaming the sea, something amazing and do you want to discover hidden places? This is what you need

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The sea and its scent. The waves crashing on rocky walls. The beauty of nature. Hidden places. The beach of the Cathedrals is a natural wonder that has all these things.

The amazing BEACH OF THE CATHEDRALS that APPEARS and DISAPPEARS depending on the tide

# Where is it?

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beach of the Cathedrals

The beach of the Cathedrals is a paradise on Earth where you should take a picture and post it on Instagram. There you can stroll among the grains of sand and admire the rocky cathedrals. The beach is located in Galicia, precisely along the coast of Ribadeo in  Lugo, an area that always offers natural shows.

The beach is so special that in summer you go there only by reservation, in order to preserve the primordial nature of the place. However, before booking it is better to know the times of the tides, because you can go at the beach only at low tide, otherwise you can look at the rocky cathedrals from above.

# The beach that appears and disappears

 Cathedral beach

But what are these cathedrals? The so-called rocky cathedrals are large rock formations sometimes joined together sometimes divided, created by the erosion due to the wind and the sea. Arches over 30 meters high, natural masterpieces.

So if the spectacle of rocky cathedrals is definitely to be seen, nature does not always allow you. The particularity of this beach is in fact that it appears and disappears periodically.

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beach of Cathedrals with high tide

Only at low tide the beach is clearly visible and you can go there. When the tide rises, in fact, it is impossible to access it, because it seems that the beach was no longer there. With the high tide there’s only the sea: the water in fact covers the entire beach and make it inaccessible. But at low tide, the beach becomes a floor of tunnels, sea caves and dark caves.

# A beautiful sea

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beach of Cathedrals

The Cathedrals beach is so beautiful that you should go there no matter what. This place does not miss anything: it also has a beautiful sea!