The New Road

The way is not to place oneself in dialectic because they live only on dialectics. If you try to fight their battle, you lose

Credits Marys_fotos (pixabay)

We live in times when many feel that society is turning into something horrifying. And many feel the temptation to want to oppose, to want to fight to change things.
But this is precisely the game of those against whom one wants to oppose.

Suppose your goal is wisdom, enlightenment. If you now oppose unjust and foolish measures you are immediately impeded in your process of realization and remain emotionally connected to their plan.
Put your soul in a puddle instead of making your way to the ocean.

They do things so hideously that you have to be like Lao Tse in order not to feel pain. Anyone who tells you that even if immunization doesn’t work, tells you that they require you to take a drug to keep you from going to hospital, it is the same one who has reduced hospitals and destroyed health care.
They want to annihilate the courage to build a life of their own. They put a nail in your head, they nail you in the ego when the only process of evolution is to transcend from the ego. They are attacking every spirituality by nailing every higher tension into a materialistic low shot.
Their plan is to provoke us into a battle that does not belong to us.

So what to do?

The only possibility is to leave the playing field.
Do not accept dialogue, do not accept the dialectic with a story in which change is only an illusion but is always transformed into the consolidation of what one wants to change.

The only possibility is to look for the element of transcendent reality that these characters are trying to hide. And this element of the sacred existential could be the only element of authentic union for those who do not recognize themselves in this society of demons.

Something is being born in pain. Accept the birth status. And wait for the scent of life.