The “LOW COST” DISTRICT in Milan: construction starts in April

Let's see what the redevelopment project foresees

Credits Wolf visualizing architecture - "Aria Project" former slaughterhouse residences

Once the cleaning, evacuation and safety works of the old buildings of “Palazzine Liberty” have been completed, the first works will start in the coming months to regenerate an area of the city that has been in a state of neglect for years. Let’s see what the redevelopment project foresees.

The “LOW COST” DISTRICT in Milan: construction starts in April

# The cleaning and clearing of the Palazzine Liberty between Calvairate and viale Molise

Clearance of Palazzine Liberty

The whole area of the former slaughterhouse between Calvairate and viale Molise in Municipio 4 (a city’s borough), abandoned for years now, will soon return to shine thanks to a redevelopment project that will bring low-rent housing, services and the new IED (European Institute of Design) campus for a total investment of 500 million euros.

The councilor for safety Marco Granelli during the inspection of the municipal commissions of Milan last Friday commented on the cleaning and evacuation activities in progress in the old buildings of “Palazzine Liberty”, object of the intervention together with the surrounding land, which will be followed by the work of the developer of the urban regeneration project: “These buildings have all been cleaned up, only something is missing in the attic and in the basement […] except for a problem of safety and decay. […]. From April the (real estate) operator will be able to start working in the part of the former slaughterhouse.

# An area of 15 hectares will be redeveloped

Credits – Aria Project

As part of the second edition of Reinventing Cities, the international call launched by the municipality of Milan together with C40 which provides for the alienation or establishment of the surface right of sites to be used for urban regeneration projects in a sustainable key, the real estate operator Redo had won the victory in the summer of 2021 for the redevelopment of the 15 hectares covered by the competition, included in the two areas separated by via Lombroso, thanks to the “Aria” project. At the end of the works, this new district will connect the one built on the area of the former Porta Vittoria station and the one on the west side of the “Ortomercato” (the wholesale fruit and vegetable market of Milan).

# Aria: the new district will host homes for 1,200 families with rents starting from 500 euros, services, the new IED campus and a museum center

In the new district that will be born to the east of the city there will be:

  • the new international campus of the IED (European Institute of Design) which brings together all the offices now present in the city;
  • a scientific museum district dedicated to the dissemination of technologies;
  • a fab lab;
  • proximity services including a medical center, the neighborhood concierge, a kindergarten, a playroom, coworking spaces and offices;
  • a system of spaces open to the whole city;
  • connections with major public transport arteries;
  • neighborhood sharing for private transport;
  • playground, spaces for music and the visual arts;
  • a 30,000 square meters park with 2,000 new trees and public gardens;
  • a student residence with 600 beds;
  • affordable housing (under 2,500 euros per square meter) for families and hundreds of students, in the southern area of ​​the area, which will host about 1,200 families with a mix of Social Housing, about 60 thousand square meters, of which 60% rented to agreement fee and 40% in subsidized sale. The rents will start from 500 euros per month for a three-room apartment of 75 m2 (between 60 € / m2 and 115 € / m2), while the sale prices will be equal to 2250 € / m2.
The red dot where the new district will rise