The new trend: SNOWBOARD on SAND

All over the world sandboarding is depopulating: here's where you can practice it (even without ending up in the desert)

Credit: @clenilsonsanboard

Take your snowboard, get rid of cold nose, frozen feet, freezing temperatures and even snow. Then add the sun, the sound of the sea, the palm trees that defy the wind and immense expanses of sand. What remains? The sandboard!

For all people who love winter sports but struggle to fight the cold there is a perfect sport that is now becoming popular: snowboarding on the sand. Let’s see together all the places that have already made this crazy change of season.

The new trend: SNOWBOARD on SAND

# Sandboarding in Qatar


To practice sandboarding it is obviously necessary to find places where the sand is the protagonist and what better place than the desert?

Qatar is infact one of the first countries to promote this new activity.

The Qatar National Tourism Council has decided to offer a close but incredible alternative for all the people who have had to give up their ski holidays due to the oandemic restrictions.

The idea is simple: move the snowboard on the sand.

The result? A success. In fact, there are many fans of this sport that is now depopulating taking its official place, not only as a temporary replacement for snow. In Qatar, the spectacular dunes of Khor Al Adaid lend themselves to sport.

# Sandboarding in Marocco and Dubai

Credit: @alexuchoaphotography

It is also possible to practice sandboarding in Morocco; the perfect place to ride the sand waves in this country is in Erg Chebbi.

Morocco is not alone, Dubai has also added sandboarding to its tourist offer.

In the immense desert you can find several sand dunes with different heights, perfect to be explored with the board.

# Sandboarding in Australia and Egypt

Credit: @ash.stek

In the list of countries where to practice sandboarding, Australia could not be missing, always in the front row when it comes to extreme sports.
Lancelin is Australia’s premier sandboarding destination: a stretch of white sand ready to be ridden.

Sandboarding can also be practiced in Egypt and the favorite place for fans of this sport is near the Siwa oasis.

Some argue that this innovative sport comes from Egypt, where it was customary to slide between the dunes with a wooden board.

# Not just in the desert

Credit: @kk_aus_k

If snow is present in many countries, one might think that sandboarding is a sport dedicated to the lucky few who have sand dunes by nature, There are some countries that have been clever about it. Who said the sand has to be real?

In Germany 35,000,000 tons of sand derived from the production of kaolinite in Hirschau gave life to a 120-meter dune which took the name of Monte Kaolino. 

It has been transformed into a ski resort for snowboarding on the sand and the Sanboarding World Championship is held here every year.

# An experience to be tried

Credit: @candidethovex

For all people, passionate about snowboarding or not, being on a board riding the desert dunes is an experience to try at least once in a lifetime.

The more adventurous who have already tried it describe the experience as very similar to surfing, only this time there’s no sign of water.