The new French REVOLUTION: 200 KM of SUBWAYS will surround PARIS

Let's discover the most revolutionary project in Europe for urban mobility of the third millennium

Credits - Grand Paris Express

Almost all the lines will be completed in 2030, for a total investment of 3.5 billion euros. They will revolutionize the transport of 7 million citizens by connecting all the suburbs and towns surrounding Paris to each other and the center.

The new French REVOLUTION: 200 KM of SUBWAYS will surround PARIS

# The 200 km long metro system will connect almost all the municipalities of Île-de-France

The Grand Paris Express is a visionary project that focuses on sustainable mobility to improve the quality of life of a large city. A unique opportunity to integrate the suburbs with the center and an effective tool for enhancing large suburban areas. The new Grand Paris also includes the modernization of the existing network, new light rail lines, the extension of the metro lines and the modernization of the network.

Credits grandparisexpress – Train rendering

The metro line will be 200 kilometers long, with an investment of 3.5 billion euros, and capable of connecting almost all the municipalities of the Île-de-France, promising to transform the very physiognomy of one of the largest European metropolises. The Grand Paris Express thus becomes the infrastructure of Greater Paris, the sustainable response to the growing need for mobility expressed by the residents of these territories.

# 4 new lines with 68 stations + extension of some existing lines

Credits – Grand Paris Express

This public work is the natural evolution of the Paris metro, whose first line was inaugurated in 1900, and then of the RER, or the regional train that connects the city center with the external areas. The construction of four subway lines is planned, with 68 additional stations, which will connect all the peripheral areas, in addition to the extension of line 14:

  • line 15 will be circular and outside the Municipality area;
  • lines 16 and 18 will instead be two semicircular lines outermost east and west of line 15. Line 18 will connect Orly’s Airport with Versailles;
  • Line 17 will connect two Parisian airports, “Charles de Gaulle” and “Le Bourget”, and will join line 16;
  • line 14 instead will be the external extension of an existing one and will connect to the north with lines 16 and 17, while to the south with line 18.

The project also includes:

  • the CDG Express, a rapid connection line between Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and the Gare de l’Est in Paris;
  • Eole, a west extension of the RER E from Saint-Lazare to Mantes-la-Jolie via La Défense and Nanterre.

The infrastructure will revitalize the area and the economic fabric of the municipalities that fall within the Greater Paris region, one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe with its 7 million inhabitants. A project that is part of the ambitious program of making Paris a carbon neutral city, entirely powered by renewable energy, by 2050.