The clock counting down to the END OF THE WORLD. It’s in Rome and says that…

How long until the Judgment Day?

The apocalypse is getting closer. So, also Rome takes part in the initiative and has installed a clock that marks its beginning. However, this watch seems to be going faster than normal.

The clock counting down to the END OF THE WORLD. It’s in Rome and says that…

# The Judgment Day

credits: linzichalmers su IG

An enormous clock appeared in Cristoforo Colombo’s street, in Rome, and puts us in front of the amazing truth: our end is coming closer. It is called Climate Clock and it is a symbolic memento already placed in other major cities in the world, such as New York and Glasgow. Its peculiarity is that, instead of reading the normal time, it marks the day when the apocalypse will happen.

# Our planet is giving us the last chance


The initiative came alive on the occasion of the World Environment Day and aims to raise awareness; perhaps, even to scare a bit on climate changes and on the serious damages that human actions – with their ever more polluting activities – are causing to our planet.

The purpose is to get people to understand the seriousness of the situation; and, then, act as quickly as possible to stop the global warming process of our planet.

# The Earth’s countdown

credits: @lifegate su IGSix years and seven months is what remains, in order to prevent the end of the world and save our Earth from the destructive action of human beings, which has no equal.

January 1st, 2028 is the day when the countdown, which began last September, will end; it is considered as the point of no return.

The count is based on large calculations conducted by the ONU in order to understand what will happen if the CO₂ emission level remains unchanged before increasing the temperature by 1.5 C degree (which is the upper limit that we could reach). [EDA] What comes after, it’s not up to us, but what happens in the meanwhile it is.


(Original article by Selene Mangiarotti)

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