The first METROPOLITAN GREENWAY in the world

A project that will make the lives of 75 thousand people better

Credits: Mi-Mo

In terms of cycle tracks, Italy is particularly far behind compared to the rest of the world, but this new project could change things around. Becoming the first country to build such a track could serve as an inspiration. The idea was conceived in the city of Milan: to realize the first Metropolitan Greenway in the world.

The first METROPOLITAN GREENWAY in the world will be in Milan

# A corridor fifteen kilometers long


The new urban redevelopment project was promoted by Bikenomist, a company specialized in bike-related communication and consulting. The project was well received, and subsequently approved, by Pirelli and other companies in the Bicocca University area.

It will be called Mi-Mo, and will consist in a 15km corridor that will connect Milan to Monza, passing through Sesto San Giovanni. A long-term project which – if put into action – will have undeniable environmental and economic benefits, despite being expected to see the light in 2030. The idea is to create a cycle path and some preferential lanes for public transport surrounded by trees (precisely 5,000) and flowery meadows.

# The entire city will benefit from it

Zona Bicocca

The MI-MO can serve as the perfect example for other projects aimed at making Milan a smarter city. Milan has been wanting to become a smart city for a while now, and continues to pursue its goal by constantly implementing innovative solutions in favor of smart mobility. The finish line, however, is still quite far.

Furthermore, it is estimated that the abovemention urban redevelopment will increase Milan’s real estate value by 12-13%, with a subsequent increase between 35 and 55% in the turnover of commercial activities. It is therefore assumed that the benefits on the city’s economy will be many, also providing increased visibility to those areas that are currently being neglected.

#The Greenway will improve the lives of 75,000 people

Rendering Mi-Mo

The Mi-Mo Metropolitan Park was inspired by the Turia Linear Park in Valencia. First of all it will involve Pirelli and its employees, as well as other companies in the Bicocca area and the University itself. It is common belief that this track could improve the lives of 75,000 residents. Not to mentiont the environmental benefits: its 5,000 trees will considerably reduce CO2 emissions, as well as lower the temperature of the surrounding buildings by 3 degrees. It is also estimated that the Milan-Sesto S. Giovanni-Monza axis will have 20,000 less vehicles than today.

Mi-Mo is expected to be a revolutionary project. All we have to do is wait.