The WHITE TREE: the most beautiful condo on the planet (photogallery)

Named by the architecture blog ArchDaily as the most beautiful condominium in the world. Where is it and what are its features

Credits: Progetti e Cantieri - Arbre blanc

According to architecture blog ArchDaily, this is the most beautiful condominium worldwide. Let’s see then where the building – completed in 2019 – is and what its peculiarities are.

The WHITE TREE: the most beautiful condo on the planet (photogallery)

# ArchDaily has voted “L’arbre blanc”, in southern France, as the most stylish apartment complex in the world

Credits world_walkerz IG – Arbre blanc

Japanese engineer Sou Fujimoto designed what, for architectural blog ArchDaily, is nowadays the finest apartment house on the planet. The name is due to its shape, actually tree-alike, with huge balconies acting as branches. Up to 7.5 meters long, are the longest cantilevered terracing existent.

Building’s curvature offers a double advantage. First, as it models a facade with greater exposure; and, too, does not obstructs the view from the houses. The complex design, then, develops as a natural form, that water or wind could have carved out over time. L’arbre blanc stands on the edge of the coastal river of Lez, between Montpellier city center and recent districts of Richter and Odysseum.

# The building is 55 meters high, on 17 floors, with a panoramic roof terrace

Credits: cabinetdeflandre IG – Arbre Blanc Terrace

The building is 55 meters high, extended over 17 floors. On the first two there are an art gallery, a restaurant and a number of offices.

Credits: welove_montpellier IG – View from the terrace towards the river

The rest of the complex consists of 113 apartments, all with suspended balconies; on highest floor, then, there is a rooftop bar with a panoramic view above town and its surroundings.


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