In Switzerland you can SLEEP HUNG from a MOUNTAIN

One night under "a million stars"

Credits: Tenda appesa al monte

Sleeping under the stars gives a unique and romantic atmosphere. At least once everyone has admired the starry sky, maybe on a hot summer evening, and has remained fascinated by the wonders of nature. Knowing the wishes of the people, in the Canton of Ticino, a chain of hotels has decided to offer unique views of the sky and weird places to sleep.

In Switzerland you can SLEEP HUNG from a MOUNTAIN

# Sleeping under a million stars

Letto all’aperto

Million Stars Hotel is the name of the Swiss franchise that offers 50 unusual rooms in the Canton of Ticino and other regions of Switzerland, even at high altitude. The goal is to make their guests live a unique experience in contact with nature and make them admire the stars. There are different types of rooms, but each of them gives the possibility of enjoying the view and looking at the sky. 

There are: inflatable bubble rooms, a beehive-like hut with a glass roof and an outer bed resting on a block of granite with a view of Monte Rosa and Lake Maggiore. But the most special “rooms” are those at high altitude: thanks to Million Stars Hotel you can sleep literally hanging from a mountain or in an old cable car.

# Sleeping in a portaledge

A Million stars hotel

Maybe only the bravest people could sleep in a tent hanging from a mountain with nothing under them and above a million stars.  Athletes can enjoy a perfectly comfortable stay: in the portaledge there is a mat, safety equipment and a bivouac toilet. The point is: is it safe? Yes, it is because the tent is well fixed horizontally to the wall and, when guests are in the portaledge, nearby there is a climbing instructor or a mountain guide ready for any eventuality. You can book the accommodation only in summer and if the weather conditions are favorable; in any case, once you get over the dizziness and a bit of fear, you can enjoy nature and night view.

# From old cable car to room to book


You feel as if you are floating in the air, this is the experience offered by the old Brunni cable car. In fact, the cabin has been arranged, set up and transformed into a #Tinyhousegondel of excellent quality. A room placed on the precipice of a mountain and from which you can admire a breathtaking view.