Why is SANKT MORITZ so loved? 7 UNIQUE WONDERS of the Engadine pearl

A mountain village on a plateau by a lake

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Pearl of the Alps set at 1822 meters above sea level, this small town just 50 km from the border with Italy has for decades been a must for the Milanese bourgeoisie and beyond. Let’s find out why.

Why is SANKT MORITZ so loved? 7 UNIQUE WONDERS of the Engadine pearl

#1 Spa center since the end of the 19th century

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Sankt Moritz was born and developed as a spa in the early 1800s and even today immersing yourself in the iron-rich waters of the area is a unique event, in summer as in winter. The thermal baths are located in the lower part of the village, Saint Moritz Bad, at the Kurhaus.

#2 A scenic lake on a spectacular plateau

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A mountain village on a plateau by a lake. Both in summer, with its beautiful bright colors, and perhaps even more so in winter, when the small lake of Sankt Moritz freezes it is spectacular and takes on fairy-tale contours. In addition, on its sparkling surface, skating, horse racing, the world-famous White Turf race and cricket are played. In winter, the silhouettes of people walking along it can be seen on the white expanse.

#3 British style luxury emblem

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One of the oldest and most exclusive tourist resorts in Europe, a pearl of the Alps set at 1822 meters above sea level, has always been an emblem of luxury. It has established itself as an elite holiday destination during the last century, thanks to the boom in winter sports, it has hosted 2 editions of the Olympics. A long list of super luxury hotels, high fashion boutiques and starred restaurants. Few people know that it was the British at the beginning of the last century who made it an international icon. It was in fact the place where the aristocrats who came from across the Channel stopped before continuing on to the seaside resorts in Italy and France. The British forged the place, creating the first sports facilities, including the skeleton that was used to train the military, and organizing the first exclusive clubs, access to which is still almost impossible today.

#4 Queen of winter sports

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Sankt Moritz is also an ideal destination for practicing many types of sports: cycling, mountain biking, sailing, canoeing. However, winter sports are dictating the law: ice hockey, skating, bobsleighing, curling, obviously skiing thanks to 350 km of tracks and cross-country skiing, without forgetting the snow park. The first bobsleigh and skeleton track was built right here. There is also a black run for sled lovers.

#5 The casino in the Grand Hotel Des Bains

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The Casino in the Grand Hotel Des Bains is famous for being the highest in Switzerland, at over 1,800 meters above sea level. An unmissable place for gambling lovers, but also for those who want to admire a historical and luxurious location.

#6 The Hanselmann patisserie, the dessert paradise

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The historic Hanselmann Pastry Shop, finely decorated with its interiors that recall the typical furnishings of the Belle Époque, was born in 1894 and is a real institution in Sankt Moritz. Run by the same family for four generations, this sweet paradise is a must-see. Another iconic place is the Hotel Salastrains, with a breathtaking view of the mountains.

#7 The journey to get there aboard the Bernina Express

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The perfect way to get to Sankt Moritz is to travel by car or train to Tirano and then board the red train of the Bernina Express. In the two half hour journey to get to your destination, you will cross fairytale landscapes, especially if there is snow, between cliffs, mountains and lakes that can be admired thanks to the huge windows of the wagons. The arrival in Sankt Moritz is a spectacle to leave you speechless. The railway has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.