The master with the face of the bad

Ways for coping with this period for those who want to take it as an opportunity for transformation


In a period like this, it is difficult to take courage with rationality. Because rationality can produce maximum illusion or hope, it cannot produce evidence and awareness that are characteristics of a path to access a new level of consciousness.

There are periods that lead to accelerating this process, even if any form of experience intended to lead to a different perception of existence must necessarily go through a different possibility of experiencing existence.

This possibility has long been relegated to initiatory schools or within esoteric circles, i.e. hidden from the generality of human beings.
The main feature of this path is the perception of the unreality of existence, of the veil of Maya that stands between us and the perception of reality.

What can be the main way to face this period for those who want to take it as an opportunity for transformation?

The paradox is that this initiatory path is being imposed on us.
It could be said that the political management of Covid is a Saturnian teacher: however much they threaten us, their threat is to take away the superfluous.

One of the first proofs that those who face these transformation paths discover is the awareness of nothing that attracts our desires. They are banning access to places that are called “social places”, when instead they are simply a form of “superficial aggregation” based on ways of consumerism. The fact that they call it sociality gives goosebumps because it is the opposite of a sociality of value.

False sociability is a simulation of a physical proximity which, conversely, remains at a substantial distance. Authentic sociality is based on the inner evolution of individual subjects who, at that point, no longer need places but are themselves the foundations of a sociality that is the seed of evolution.

Consumerism is that of the personality: the more you consume, the more you are consumed.
When an external event calls people back to the nothingness of their existence, then a new door opens.
And it is useless to define a tyrant who actually triggered the alarm and put us in front of our reality. As if they had closed the rides to those who thought that these were life.

What we are experiencing is a period that seems desperate for those who have long been damned: in reality, we must accept this pain within ourselves. This comes from the subtraction of superfluous and we should understand that the desperation that follows is the desperation for the lack of self, not because it is induced by external events which, however dramatic, could do nothing if we had maintained our inner consistency.

It is useless to face the nerve-wracking dialectic induced by the system, because one tries only to jump with rationality by replacing one thought with another thought, but the psychorganic system is now structured and thinking that a thought can replace it that way is absolutely illusory.

If we have the courage to step out of this dialectic, we can find a simple question that is the basis of every search path: who am I?
We could thus identify the master in the monster, discovering the good who acts with the face of the bad.

We all found ourselves on an initiatory journey that is forcing the most capable to give up this kind of world. A waiver that is being enforced must not arouse nostalgia for a world that was the real cause of everything we are experiencing now.

It is useless to blame the effect, you have to blame the cause: having enthusiastically accepted this funfair.
The show is over, the lights go out. It is in this darkness that one must seek the spark of a light that is no longer artificial.