A magical walk through treetops takes you to where heaven and earth come together

Credits: @sannaheikintalo

A magical walk above the Swiss woods to immerse yourself in nature and look at the world from another point of view. This is the greatest experience that the Necktal treetop walk gives us, the first path suspended over treetops in Switzerland.


# Walking on a path suspended over the trees

Credits: @sannaheikintalo

The path suspended over the forest treetops is located in Mogelsberg. In the beginning, this was a village, but it became a hamlet of Neckertal, a municipality that originated from the union of smaller villages of which Mogelsberg is the capital.

In the picturesque Swiss village with a small white church featuring a pointed bell tower stands the forest where this spectacular pedestrian path was built.

# A path of 500 meters in harmony with the surrounding environment

Credits: @sannaheikintalo

The Mogelsberg trail consists of a wooden and steel structure that ensures stability to the path and, at the same time, harmoniously blends with the surrounding environment.

The walkway is about 500 meters long and rises gently among the trees until you reach the summit of the foliage at a height of approximately 20 meters.

Those who do not suffer from vertigo can keep climbing up to the panoramic platform, located at a height of 50 meters, where they can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and mountains.

The path is barrier-free and is equipped with safety bulkheads to allow everyone, even those in wheelchairs, to reach the top of the trees and live this wonderful experience.

Along the path there are about forty stations that provide useful information on the place and the natural habitat.

The path allows you to closely admire the plants and animals that live there, immersed in the natural sounds and the scent of the forest. A natural experience in contact with the animal and plant world that allows you to discover the secrets of the forest and its sounds.


(Original article by Laura Costantin)

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