“Just the sky above us”: from Norway, the LODGINGS nestled in the TREES

In these “suspended” houses you can live a dream experience in the middle of nature. How to get there and how they were built. To see them, you need to travel to Norway, go near the small town of Flisa, well known for its multi-span iron bridge, and then take a road through nature to get to the PAN Treetop Cabins, a pair of incredible buildings that have something magical about them.

“Just the sky above us”: from Norway, the LODGINGS immersed among the TREES.

# What are PAN Treetop Cabins?

Credits: annagehlhaar IG -PAN Treetop Cabin

PAN Treetop Cabins are two structures located on the top of a hill, immersed in the charming Norwegian landscape. They are two structures with a base made of metal tubes on the end of which are placed the twin huts built mainly of local wood. A sloping roof that reaches the base of the hut that allows the snow, in the winter season, to slide on the ground, the two vertical sides consisting of large windows and a spiral staircase, also made of metal structure, that starts from the ground allowing the entrance to the hut. Each hut is about 40m2, divided between ground floor and loft.

# The internal structure of the twin huts is essential, almost all in wood, and it can host up to 6 people.

Credits: annagehlhaar IG -PAN Treetop Cabin interno

The interior structure is essential but can host up to 6 people per unit. Here, wood is protagonist almost everywhere: there are wooden walls and a wooden mezzanine floor, where lies a queen size bed. Moreover, there are pretty furniture made of wood, a small kitchen, and services.

# Despite that the cottages are isolated, there is no lack of comfort.

Credits: panhytter IG – PAN Treetop Cabins

Although there is electricity, there are no television and WiFi because the rule here is being in full contact with nature, thus forgetting the life we are used to. Spending time at the means spending every free moment enjoying a breathtaking view and sharing thoughts and chat with the few people who will be there–maximum 6 per structure. The houses are both heated and have hot and cold water. In the living room there is also a fireplace to create an even more enchanting atmosphere. Outside there is an area equipped for grilling and a parking lot a few minutes away.

# The Norwegian architect’s inspiration came from the Munim troll saga, who’re supposed to live in the woods.

Credits: annagehlhaar IG -PAN Treetop Cabin exterior 2

The project is the work of a Norwegian architect who was inspired by the saga of the Munim trolls, fictional characters who live in the woods. At the PAN Treetop Cabins contact with nature is complete; if you are locked up in the houses, you are totally isolated, even acoustically, but still enjoying every little movement that happens in the surrounding forest. PAN Treetop Cabins are so successful that the continuous request to be hosted is shaking the initial idea of the two owners, a couple of Norwegian entrepreneurs, that they wouldn’t build other ones. In the meantime, all you can do is get in the reservation queue and wait your turn.

(Original Article by Roberto Binaghi)

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