Swimming in the clouds: London inaugurates first ever pool in the sky

The suspended pool in the air between two towers is ready and you will soon enjoy swimming in the clouds.

The super luxury Nine Elms district, not far from Westminster, had been waiting a long time for its most ambitious work. Yet, the floating pool between two skyscrapers is now reality and people can start swimming in the clouds.

Swimming in the clouds: London inaugurates first ever pool in the sky

# The ambition to overcome the limits

The “Sky Pool” is a 25-meter-long transparent basin, connecting two London towers at their top. As already illustrated in a previous article, the project started with digital renderings to show how it would look like.

Now, the suspense is almost over and the pool will soon be ready to use. In the words of its builder, Irish businessman Sean Mulryan, swimming here will be as “floating in the sky”. The panoramic view that you can enjoy from the pool – with Thames South riverbank down there – will completely get younger all senses.

# The inauguration in a special place

Credits: mylondon.news

The two suites connected with the pool are in the Nine Elms district. The area is characterized by unbridled luxury, also enriched by the presence of local Apple offices and United States embassy.

The decision to focus on this futuristic project will give even more prestige to this area, and it will be an example to be replicated somewhere else. After the inauguration on last May 19th  doors are finally open to this unique experience.

Not for everyone, however. A prerequisite is that swimmers are residents in one of the two buildings connected to the pool. Due to this condition, to experience the feeling of swimming in the sky it will be necessary to receive a special invitation from some resident.


(Original article by Matteo Guardabassi)


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