STAR WARS-themed astronomical OBSERVATORY

R2-D2 turns into an observatory to honor Star Wars, the most famous and beloved film saga of all time

Credits: @landschafts.fuchs IG

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” there was an astronomical observatory, later transformed into a robot. Actually, we’re talking about 2019 and the observatory is located in southwest Germany, on the Zweibrücken campus. Its structure drives Star Wars fans crazy.

STAR WARS-themed astronomical OBSERVATORY

# A German observatory goes viral on social after its makeover in 2018

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In Germany, on the heights of the Zweibrück Observatory, stands a figure that will not be new to fans of Star Wars, the cult movie created by George Lucas.

In fact, the observatory has the appearance of R2-D2, i.e. Luke Skywalker’s little robot sidekick. It is to all intents and purposes a tribute to the film saga that has fascinated everyone from 1977.

# It was the idea of a professor with a passion for sci-fi

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The idea for this re-styling that promotes the communion between science and fantasy came from Hiber Zitt, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences in Zweibrücken. Always a fan of science fiction, he is known among his students for introducing references to this genre in his lectures.

Helped by his father and his students, the professor was able to disguise the structure of Natural Science Association in south of Frankfurt by painting one of the most iconic characters in the entire saga.

# It is a high ground where you can admire the sky and imagine distant places

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It is a project that has made the German observatory one of the favorite destinations for fans of the saga, conquering even the social networks. In fact, you can read the praises promoted by the actor Mark Hamill on Twitter where he said that “The R2-D2 observatory has turned Germans into giant nerds”.

However, its attractiveness should not stop at its shape. This observatory is reachable by a panoramic staircase surrounded by trees and it forms the backdrop to a lonely bench. Who knows if it’s there to admire the sky in peace, imagining to reach faraway places… just like the Star Wars Galaxy.