PLOGGING, a new SPORT that improves the city

This sport was born in Sweden: it is spread in 100 different countries and it is practiced by more than 20.000 people


Plogging, a Swedish initiative that since 2016 has combined sport with caring for the enviroment, is spreading around the world.

PLOGGING, a new SPORT that improves the city

# Fitter: physique, environment and city

Plogging, a word that derived from the union of the terms “running” and “plocka upp”, a Swedish expression meaning “to pick up”, is an eco-friendly exercise that prompts people to pick up garbage while jogging or walking at a brisk pace.

The creator of this activity is Erik Ahlström, a multi-sport player who, after moving to Stockholm, began cleaning up the places he frequented by doing “garbage sports”, spreading his routine throughout Sweden through popular events.

Today, the sport is spread to 100 different countries and practiced by more than 20,000 people.

# Plogging can have a big impact on our lives


33% of the population goes out for a run at least 3 day a week: picking up trash along the way could have a big immediate impact on caring for the environment.

In fact, ploggers go out on the street with a garbage bag and pick up any trash they find on their way while continuing to play sports.

# What are the benefits of taking care of yourself and nature?


By plogging you can take care of both yourself and nature.

Our bodies benefit from sports by gaining more energy, toning muscles, strengthening bones and burning calories. Why not incorporate waste collection from the street? You would be able to give “an extra activity” motor, improving the area in which you live and becoming more aware of environmental issues that now characterize our daily lives.