The American dream is LOW-COST: a week in the States for only 200 euros

The secrets to experiencing America by spending less than 200 euros in a week. Flight included

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A week in the States with only 200 euros, 30 euros per day all inclusive. It seems like a dream? Two Italian newlyweds who have decided to go around the world have succeeded.

Here are some instructions to save more on your trip to the American dream.

The American dream is LOW-COST: a week in the States for only 200 euros

# A year-long honeymoon


This is the story of Matteo and Simona, a Calabrian newlywed couple who, still fresh from marriage, decided to give up everything to fulfill the dream of their life: to travel for as long as possible.

The goal? Go around the world and prove that people can still be trusted.

The couple in love explains it this way: “We want to enrich ourselves, get to know new cultures and observe the other side of the Earth. We want to find out what life offers in every corner where there is oxygen to really know where to feel our breath. We do it for ourselves, for the children to come. “

Thus begins this honeymoon that lasted more than a year, which also made a stop in the States, demonstrating that low cost travel in this country is possible.

# 30 euros a day in the States

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Since Matteo and Simona’s trip is an itinerant one, saving is fundamental and so we arrive at a figure that we would never expect to hear for a trip to the United States: 30 euros per day all inclusive.

The two newlyweds calculate their 42-day trip, including the flight from Italy, food and accommodation, car rental, tolls, fuel and camping for 4 nights in 3 different natural parks, for a total of 1,200 euros each. The equivalent of 30 euros per day, which for a week would be around 200 euros.

Does it seem like a hard thing to do? Here are some instructions to save more on your trip to the American dream.

# From some European cities you can find flights to America starting from 15 euros!

The first obstacle to overcome to make a distant trip is flying, even if in reality there have been low cost flights to the United States for some years now.

A trick can be to look at the prices with different companies from different European cities, perhaps starting from other nearby European cities (which can be reached with flights of up to 15 euros) you can save a lot on the flight, which can in fact be around 100-150 euros.

Once you hit American soil, if your plans include a trip of several weeks, then probably the best option will be renting a car. At first it may seem like a very high figure but with some bargaining and a little luck you can find great offers.

If, on the other hand, the planned trip is a week, we recommend a great desire to walk, by bus and, why not, ask for rides.

# Food: focus on kiosks

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Those who are passionate about cooking on vacation like me always spend a lot on food, they want to try all new flavors and then you know, when you travel you walk a lot and you are hungry like wolves.

The States may seem very expensive in terms of food and they are compared to other countries but there are solutions that allow you to save: go shopping in the supermarket (Matteo and Simona managed to spend $ 286 for 42 days), take something typical in the kiosks and avoid restaurants, especially because in the United States leaving a tip is practically mandatory.

# Accommodation: zero euros with Couchsurfing

One might think that accommodation is the most expensive part of a trip, even for a week-long vacation it is almost always a two or three-figure expense, but even here the Calabrian newlywed couple has outdone themselves.

In fact, for accommodation the total of their expenditure amounts to zero euros.

How did they do it? With Couchsurfing: a community of travelers offering free accommodation.

People host travelers in their homes, very often even offering free dinners and breakfasts. Needless to say, you have to settle for what you are offered and not expect canopy beds with sixty pillows (although with a bit of luck this can happen too).

Couchsurfing is the best way to meet people from all over the world and get advice from the locals.

# The beauty of a trip dedicated to saving

The beauty of taking a backpacking trip to save money is that you never know what you can find.

It is not a journey in search of luxury and comfort but of adventure and the desire to meet people from all over the world, to be welcomed by a new country and its people.

Taking a low-cost trip to the States is possible with some precautions, you have to know how to adapt and remember: look for different departure options for flights, try to get someone to host you and avoid restaurants because in the United States the tip is mandatory.

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