The first CINEMA-HOTEL in the world: PARADISE

A real paradise for movie lovers

Classic scene: you are in the hotel, in a comfortable bed after a long walk around the city during the day, you have also ordered dinner in your room to fully enjoy this moment but then you look at the clock.

It’s 8.30 pm and in 40 minutes the film you booked at the cinema will start, you booked it this morning when you were still in full strength and now it doesn’t seem like a great idea anymore. At Hotel Paradiso this will no longer be a problem because the cinema, for the first time, will be in your room.

The first CINEMA-HOTEL in the world: PARADISE

# Hotel Paradiso

Credit: @mk2hotelparadiso

The Hotel Paradiso is located near Paris on the Place de la Nation and was built over a currently closed cinema, a multiplex of Mk2, a famous production company led by Nathanaël and Elisha Karmit, which promotes auteur cinema.

The idea of ​​opening a structure that combines a hotel and a cinema was born from the two brothers who own the production company MK2.

The hotel was inaugurated in March 2021 and several architects, decorators, light designers but also the musician Woodkid, the stylist Alexandre Mattiuss and two artists of the caliber of Christian Boltanski and JR were involved in the project.

Just JR, a well-known French artist and photographer, created two monumental collages on the facades of the buildings in front of the hotel dedicated to two classics in the history of cinema: “The brat” by Charlie Chaplin and “Safety Last” by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor.

These are two exclusive works overlooking an internal courtyard, only customers in the rooms and on the hotel terrace will be able to admire this work of art.

# The first cinema-hotel

Credit: @ mk2hotelparadiso

In the Paradiso Hotel, nothing is left to chance: video projectors, sound and lights are perfectly reminiscent of a real cinema.

Thanks to a tablet, you have unlimited access to thousands of films and TV series selected every week from the Mk2 catalog and all you have to do is choose.

There are 34 rooms which are real private cinemas.

In some the windows are transformed into maxi-screens three meters wide, in others there are screens on the wall.

Where to watch the movie from? From the bed of course! The rooms are in fact structured so that the best view can be had from lying comfortably on the bed.

Then there are two suites on the top floor, larger and more exclusive rooms, with a terrace and a private cinema room, with the same type of projector used in large cinemas and from which you can also watch the film from the bathtub.

# Pop corn in the bedroom


Even the offer of food and entertainment is reminiscent of that of a real cinema, everything is designed to be close at hand and make the customer relax.

From your room you can order delivery foods, small dishes from Bob’s Juice Bar and, of course, popcorn cannot be missed.

# A real paradise for movie lovers

Credit: @ mk2hotelparadiso

This French hotel offers a unique experience at an affordable price, in fact the rooms start at around 100 euros.

If in itself it represents a new and interesting idea, in the period of the pandemic, having a cinema available seemed almost a dream.

The hotel becomes a real paradise for film and cinema lovers, after all, the name also says so. Hotel Paradiso in name and in fact.