Fleeing to SWITZERLAND? There is a COUNTRY that PAYS you to go and LIVE there

Tired of metropolitan life? Afraid of the future?

credit: gentside.it

Tired of metropolitan life? Afraid of the future? A mountain village in Switzerland pays you to go to live there. Let’s see what this delightful-looking place has to offer and what are the conditions for enjoying the benefits of living there.

Fleeing to SWITZERLAND? There is a COUNTRY that PAYS you to go and LIVE there

# A village that wants to get back into the game: Albinen

credit: gentside.it

When the going gets tough, the tough get to play. By launching a new technique to attract inhabitants, a Swiss village is trying to repopulate itself. We are talking about Albinen and the last remaining inhabitants are just 300. The citizens of the quaint village in the Canton of Valais have decided to shuffle the cards on the table to offer Albinen a new game, paying those who decide to build a house and go to live there.

# In Albinen you are paid to move there: an offer that you cannot refuse

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The proposal? It is quite tempting. New citizens are offered a loan of 60 thousand euros for those who decide to build a house: 21 thousand euros per adult and 8 thousand euros per child. But not everyone can obtain the loan, in fact the requirements are:

  • Be under the age of 45
  • Have a residence permit in Switzerland
  • Stay in the country for at least 10 years, buying the house

# Why does moving here mean a change of life?

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From the etymology of its name, Albinen means forest from “arbignon” or alpe from “albignion”. The village is in fact immersed in the wildest and most breathtaking nature and offers the opportunity to change life with tradition but also modern liveliness and desire to grow. In Albinen the mountain is the master in the lives of its citizens between hiking, skiing, sledding or relaxing walks.

But Albinen is not just mountains: near the town there is the spa town of Leukerbad, known for over 500 years, even in Roman times, for its relaxing spas where you can warm up before returning to the snow.

If you are a mountain lover or simply want to escape from metropolitan life, think about it… you will even get paid to move to a dream place.