“DRUNK HOUSE”: the strangest house in the WORLD

It isn't a special effect or an Instagram filter: this is the story of the “Drunk House” in Sopot (Poland).

Credits: unusualplaces.org

It might feel like you’re looking at a distorting mirror or that someone has had fun using Photoshop effect… Walking throught the streets of Sopot, it’s normal to question what your eyes are observing.

However Krzywy Domek is real, even if the title “strangest house in the world” suits it completely.

What’s so special about the “Drunk House” straight out of the fairy tales’ world?

“DRUNK HOUSE”: the strangest house in the WORLD

# It is a “liquefied” building characterized by curved and sinuous lines that recall the works of Gaudì

Credits: @travelinagnes

This “liquefied” building was built in 2004 and was deliberately designed to appear deformed and extravagant.

The idea came from the pencils of architects Mrs. and Mr. Szotynscy who were influenced by the illustrations and fairy-tale drawings of Jan Marcin Szancer, a Polish artist, and Per Dahlberg, a Swedish painter. As is obvious, part of the inspiration comes from Antoni Gaudì: the curved and sinuous lines give to “Drunk House” a malleable and ductile appearance.

# Krzywy Domek is magical and, at night, it trasforms completely

Credits: @unlimitedideas

“Drunk House” has an interior area of 4.000 square meters and it houses inside bars, stores, beauty salons, medical offices, offices where business people gather and even a radio station.

However at night the building is completely different and the atmosphere becomes more party-like. In fact, inside there are also very popular discos, restaurants and pubs. Moreover, Krzywy Domek becomes even more impressive in the evening hours: its irregular shapes seem to stand out more thanks to the lighting.

# It is a symbol of the modern world and its unusual and innovative architecture attracts many tourists every year

Credits: @br.traveller IG

The Polish Crooked House is a modern world’s symbol and it is a unique building thaks to its fascinating unusual and innovative architecture. In fact, the Village of Joy portal has rewarded it for its uniqueness, putting it first in the 50 strangest buildings in the world’s list.

Obviously, Krzywy Domek has become the most photographed building in Poland and it attracts numerous tourists from all over the world every years. However, visitors don’t linger only on the crazy building: there is also the longest wooden pier in Europe!

Moreover, in the city there is “The Wall of Fame”, which was born from the minds of the same creators of “Drunk House”. Essentially, it is a wall on which guests of important events held in Krzywy Domek can leave their signature, as a testimony to their presence.