For sale THE NARROWEST HOUSE in London (but the PRICE is Extra Large)

The narrowest house in London at a maxi price. But what are the other narrower houses? The guinness seems to be made in Italy


For sale one of the narrowest houses in the world. It is located in London and with its 180 cm it is the thinnest house in the British capital. The price? Anything but tight!

For sale THE NARROWEST HOUSE in London (but the PRICE is Extra Large)

# The narrowest house in London


The narrowest house in London is located in the Shepherd’s Bush neighborhood in the west of the city and is only 180cm wide.

If you think of buying this house to save some money, you are wrong, the property costs the equivalent of one million and 300 thousand euros.

What the house lacks in width it makes up for in height, this small 96 apartment is spread over five floors.

The basement level has a kitchen and a dining room and a little further up you can find the entrance with the garden, a traditional element that cannot be missing in English houses. On the first floor there is a living room while on the second floor there is a study, a bedroom and a roof terrace. The bathroom is located on the third floor (counting the basement and the entrance is the fifth).

The property, originally from the Victorian era, has been on the market for months and it is not surprising if we think that its price has doubled in the last ten years. London houses are usually sold by the square meter but the British market has made an exception for this one-of-a-kind house.

The one in London wins the title of one of the narrowest houses in the world but let’s see together which ones come before her.

# The narrowest house in Amsterdam


It is located at number 7 in via Singel, a few steps from the Central Station and its facade measures just over a meter, thus making it almost the size of the door.

However, this astounding number can be misleading. The door you see is in fact not the entrance to the house but the one on the back and it seems that the inside of the house is, even if not by much, larger than the facade which is now part of many Dutch tourist guides.

What remains, however, is the strong amazement you feel once you arrive in front of this sharp house that you can literally enclose with open arms.

# The narrowest house in Milan


Born to plug the hole between two buildings after the post-war demolitions, this house in via Pontaccio 20 in Brera still remains a mystery.

Spread over 4 floors masked by a metal grid, framed by an oxidized metal structure, it can certainly be considered one of the narrowest houses in Milan.

If you are wondering which distant city in the world holds the record, stop because the narrowest house in the world is located in Italy, in Palermo.

# The narrowest house in the world

Credits : fb Tradizioni e Luoghi Sicialini

Renamed the “casa du currivu”, or “house of spite”, just 100 centimeters wide, the narrowest house in the world is located in Palermo, more precisely in Petralia Sottana.

It seems that the house is the result of a spite that the owner wanted to make against the neighbor who has always opposed the construction of another house due to problems of distance.

The owner of the land listened to the neighbour’s complaints and, diligently respecting all requests, built the only building that could fit in that narrow space without being too attached to his neighbor.

The result? A Guinness house!

This building does not always appear in the lists of the narrowest houses in the world because no one lives there anymore but it is still visited by many tourists, however, giving us the opportunity to set another made in Italy record.