10 BEST STEREOTYPES on people from MILAN

The 10 best stereotypes about the Milanese, according to a survey carried out on the Milanese themselves.

Like any city and social group that deserves it, Milan and the Milanese also have their own stereotypes. Here are the 10 best stereotypes about the Milanese, according to a survey carried out on the Milanese themselves.

10 BEST STEREOTYPES on people from MILAN

In a survey on the Facebook page we asked “A stereotype about the Milanese that is true for you?”. These were the answers that received the greatest consensus.

# 10 “They don’t say hello!”

“The Milanese does not say hello”. This is said. And according to the Milanese themselves it is a realistic stereotype. If you meet someone on the street we know we are masters in the art of looking down on the cell phone. Even on the elevator it is hard to say good morning, good evening. Superior, lazy or shy? Trying to justify the Milanese classic, he is sometimes just too busy to raise his head and see who passes in front of him.

# 9 “Invoicing, Invoicing”

“They always think about invoicing”. The typical image of the ugly person who thinks about how to make money even when he is in slippers in the Caribbean. A solid stereotype, classic in defining the Milanese outside the city, which presents many truths. Especially in times like these.

# 8 “Facts, not words!”

There are also positive stereotypes. One of these is that the Milanese do deeds, not words. The Milanese are people who keep their word. They are not “all mouths and no trousers”. If they promise or say something, they do it. This is a true stereotype, especially in Milan. Those who speak and don’t do make little progress here.

# 7 “Dinner at 7 pm”

“The Milanese are early birds”. Difficult to find in Milan tables that end in the middle of the night. Also because in Milan, dinner is often already done through the ‘aperitivo’.

# 6 “They don’t exist”

A bit like with the unknown region of Molise, many also doubt the existence of the Milanese. The beauty of Milan is also its openness to those who come from outside. And in Milan even those who live here for generations define themselves as non-Milanese, just to have an exotic tone. But Milan takes you and envelops you, so who are the Milanese? All those who live there and love it.

# 5 “They are on time”

In Milan we meet at 5:25 pm and if you are not there at that time the Milanese calls to check if something bad has happened. It must be remembered that in Milan time is the first wealth: whoever does not value the time of others is seen as a thief.

# 4 “They are not from the Lega party”

In Milan we are many and everyone has its own political preference. A stereotype is that the North has many fans of the Lega Party, but Milan has not. It is enough to look at the result of the last elections to understand that this is true for Milan.

# 3 “Work like there is no tomorrow”

“And what do you do?” “I just said hello …” one of the classic conversations that take place in Milan. Work is a reason for being in Milan.

# 2 “The Milanese are people with their hearts in their hands”

Perhaps the most famous positive stereotype about the Milanese. Milan has its heart in its hand. If you are in trouble, you always find someone who lends you a hand. Not as welfare but as mutual aid. The Milanese are good people, they are kind and always happy to help each other.

# 1 “Always on the run”

“Milanese, it’s useless for you to run, the Ethiopian wins in the end”. This is the joke of those who see us from the outside and do not understand. Speed ​​is perhaps the sovereign characteristic in Milan. It’s ​​is in everything: walking, on the subway, in the car, at the restaurant. Being fast means being of quality. Before going to Milan, a bit of cardio training is always recommended: you will have to run all day.


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