10 things to know before coming to Milan (according to The Wom)

People who live in the city and those who come here every day know very well how to behave in Milan. What about a tourist? Each city has its own habits, traditions and daily routines that tourists might not be aware of. So here is a list of 10 things not to do in Milan tourists should consider on before. The selection was done by TheWom.it.


# 1 Don’t be absent-minded

Credits: it.wikipedia.org

Overall, undoubtedly, Milan is beautiful. Its beauty is anyhow an hidden one. Art Nouveau buildings, small churches and other details make it so beautiful. Things that, if you are not careful, you may not even notice. Walking around the city with your head down or looking up in the air is therefore not the right choice! And above all, in Milan there are bikes, scooters and runners who always want to win over pedestrians. So, you need to have your eyes wide open all the time.

#2 Don’t get on the subway before the other passengers have got off

Credit: metronews.it

Try and learn this specific rule. On the surbway, as well as on trains or buses: first you go down and then you go up. So if you have to get on the metro, you stand on the sides of the doors, letting passengers get off and then go up quietly. This advice will spare you some insults.

#3 Don’t stand on the escalators

Another important rule to respect is not to stop on the escalators. At least, not in the middle. On the escalators of the stations, if you simply want to be carried by them, you always need to keep the right. People in Milan are always in a hurry and in average they run on the escalators too.

#4 Don’t throw your cigarettes away in the street

No matter there is rudeness everywhere, in Milan most citizens try not to damage much public cleanliness. So, it is better to avoid throwing anything on the ground. Smokers, therefore, before throwing away their cigarette will have to wait to find a suitable bin.

# 5 Don’t drive over the weekend

If you are visiting Milan, renting a car is strongly discouraged. Public transport works very well and brings you almost everywhere. Perhaps there are some problems at night but the car remains a non-useful solution. Considering both traffic jams and lack of parking places, especially at weekends, it is better to avoid the car.

#6 Don’t use the word ‘apericena’ for aperitivo

People of Milan don’t like the expression ‘apericena’. Popular in Rome, it indicates a huge buffet that makes the happy hour a complete dinner. In Milan, only use the word ‘aperitivo’. This does not mean, of course, that the happy hour will be made up of a spritz and a few appetizers only. But even if they bring you whole cutting boards and fried dumplings, in Milan it will always be called ‘aperitivo’.

#7 Don’t lose the opportunity of tasting Negroni Sbagliato

Despite the fact that the popular cocktail Negroni was invented here, in town there’s a more popular version of it. Some people prefer to order the ‘sbagliato’ version, which means literally ‘wrong’. In this version, the cocktail is made with prosecco rather than with gin.

#8 Don’t believe Brera fortune tellers

If you visit Milan, a tour of the city’s artistic district is a must. However, just look at the shops, walk through the streets and visit the Brera Art Gallery. Please, try not to listen to the fortune tellers of the neighborhood. In addition to the fact that you can hardly believe their predictions, that service costs, indeed, a fortune.

#9 Don’t have dinner in the most central area of Milan

Locations may even be better, sometimes, but both price and cuisine are not always worth it. Unless you choose starred restaurants, of course. Otherwise, you will hardly eat typically in the most central area of Milan. Indeed, traditional cuisine is better to be tasted in less central neighborhoods, where places are even less touristy.

#10 Don’t have lunch on Sundays

If tourists want to live like a real Milanese for a few days, they must also follow their weekend habits. It is not about fasting, no worries. Simply, just as Friday dinner is replaced by the happy hour, the Sunday lunch typically becomes a brunch.