A Little Tuscany near Milan

Only few km from Milan, there is a special tourist destination that is often underestimated but for sure it is well known to English tourists. The “Oltrepò Pavese” is mentioned on the Guardian, it is only 1 hour from the city and it is one of the most popular locations for nature holidays.


# English people and the discovery of the hidden Italy

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It is well known that “the grass is always greener on the other side” and very often going abroad is more considered than all the beautiful attractions in your surrounding area. To prove that the saying is not only an Italian thing there is an article on the Guardian. The famous British newspaper seems to recognize the beauty and potential of the “Oltrepò Pavese”, which is underestimated by Italians, and in its column encourage to visit the region.

# The little Tuscany near Milan

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This region, less than 1 hour from Milan, is one of the places that attracted and intrigued the authors of the guide. They describe it, in their article, as the unknown “little Tuscany” and suggest where to stay and what to do, even the most challenging paths.

English people seemed to have really appreciated the beauty of the green golden hills of Oltrepò Pavese. Its suggestive landscape with lots of vineyard and mediaeval towns with majestic castles seems to be the perfect place for a relaxing holiday out of the big cities crowed with tourists.

# Beautiful places in the surroundings of Pavia

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Among the places suggested by The Guardian, there is Voghera, well known also for the famous idiomatic phrase the “housewife of Voghera”. Not to be missed are San Lorenzo Cathedral, Visconteo Castle and the red church dedicated to Saint Flavio and Giorgio. Numerous references to the so called “real joy” of the region: its sweet hills with villages such as Fortunago and Costa Cavalieri. The region is also rich in ancient forts. You cannot miss a visit to the Dal Verme Castle, not far from Zavattarello in the surrounding of Pavia.

# A culinary journey

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Vino San Colombano

When you visit Italy, you think also about its local cuisine and the key player of Oltrepò Pavese is wine. This region is one of the first in the world to produce Pinot Nero. Driving through the hills you will find many wine cellars offering guided wine tasting, you can taste Riesling, Barbera, Sangue di Giuda, Bonarda, Croatina and Moscato. Also, the local food has its importance, and you can choose among several specialties to pair with your wine such as Varzi’s salami, Stradella’s Bread, Miccone (a fried sandwich), Almond cake and a typical cheese as the Formaggella di Menconico.

# Only 40 minutes from Milano

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As a conclusion, English people are in love with Oltrepò Pavese and before loads of tourist will come to visit it, maybe it is worth driving there to discover the so called “Hidden Italy”, 40 minutes from Milan.


(Original article by Sara Ferri)

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