The most inhabited, the largest, the highest, the most isolated, the richest and other records of the Milanese

Credits _gd86_ IG - San Colombano al Lambro

The Metropolitan City of Milan extends over an area of 1,575 square kilometers and has 133 municipalities within it. Let’s find out which ones are the record ones.


#1 Morimondo: the most difficult town to reach

Morimondo. Credits im_lost_in_vacation (INSTG)

Morimondo is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy thanks to its Cistercian abbey and its perfectly preserved historic core. Immersed in the Parco Agricolo Sud (Rural Park South Milan) it is a small jewel in which it seems to have been catapulted into another era. The disadvantage is that it is perhaps the most inconvenient of all to reach, except only San Colombano al Lambro which is geographically located in the province of Lodi.

#2 Nosate: the least inhabited

Credits ul_breg IG – Nosate

The least populous municipality of the Metropolitan City of Milan is Nosate, west of the Lombard capital. The latest Istat (the Italian National Institute of Statistics) data available  indicate just 649 inhabitants.

#3 Sesto San Giovanni: the town with the most inhabitants

Credits ganeshel IG – Sesto San Giovanni

The title of the most inhabited hinterland municipality belongs to Sesto San Giovanni. The first municipality bordering Milan to the north has a population of 80,589 inhabitants, positioning itself in front of the neighboring Cinisello Balsamo with just over 74,000 and Legnano with almost 60,000. Sesto is the seventh town with the most inhabitants in Lombardy and among the top hundred in Italy.

#4 Bresso: the most densely populated municipality (even surpasses Milan)

Credits redmermaid86_ – Comune di Bresso

The municipality of Bresso, which shares the North park with Milan, is the one with the highest density of inhabitants in the entire Milanese Metropolitan City. With 7,738 inhabitants per sq km it even exceeds even Milan which stops at 7,566.

#5 Rescaldina: the highest municipality

Credits rossellaimbello IG – Rescaldina

The municipality of Rescaldina, in the north west of the hinterland part of the homogeneous area of the Upper Milanese, is the one located at the highest altitude. Its territory is about 220 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) and it is also the northernmost municipality of all.

#6 Abbiategrasso: the largest municipality

Credits – Abbiategrasso

Abbiategrasso, famous for its Visconti castle in the historic center of the town, is the municipality with the largest surface area in the Metropolitan City of Milan. Its territory covers an area of 47.78 sq km.

#7 San Colombano al Lambro: the most isolated town

Credits _gd86_ IG – San Colombano al Lambro

San Colombano al Lambro is undoubtedly the most isolated town in the Milanese hinterland as it is an exclave within the province of Lodi. It is 54 km from the center of Milan and to get there you have to cross a large part of the Lodi area with roads in poor condition. The wine of Milan is also produced here and this is the reason why, even though it is geographically detached, it has been kept within the province of Milan.

#7+1 Basiglio: the richest municipality

Credits paola.sabatini IG – Basiglio

The Municipality of Basiglio has been for years constantly the richest in the Metropolitan City of Milan and constantly on the podium also in Italy. The GDP per capita income recorded in the latest survey exceeds 45,000 euros. a curiosity? It borders on Rozzano, the poorest town in the hinterland.