A fairy-tale and full of colours corner in the city center


Just like London, Burano or the villages of Liguria, rainbow streets are more numerous than you may think. Thanks to delightful city corners like these, one can breathe a different, lively and colorful air.


# Colors of the cities

Credits: @june.bizarre IG

Living in color is not exclusive to London’s Portobello road, the Venetian island of Burano or the vibrant villages of Liguria.

Paris also features a street that resembles an open-air art gallery. Located in the heart of the capital, Rue Crémieux was built in 1857 and is regarded as the most colorful street in Paris.

Its eccentric side goes hand in hand with the French bon ton. The street consists of a succession of colorful two-story houses, each different from one another. Furthermore, these colors have more to do with an elegant, multi-tone urbanism rather than contemporary street art.

# The rainbow street of Paris: an explosion of colors in French style

Credits: @paris.explore IG

Rue Crémieux certainly differs from other Parisian destinations. Rather than being an actual tourist attraction, it used to be a destination known to few connoisseurs who wanted to discover a more picturesque side of Paris.

However, thanks to its bright colors and unique atmosphere, this residential street has risen in popularity on social media, attracting thousands of aspiring bloggers.

An open-air art gallery painted in pastel colors, Rue Crémieux is renowned for its beauty. Surrounded by an abundance of plants, this street is only 145 meters long and features Parisian style houses ,remiscent of a painter’s canvas.