The BEST CITIES in the world: ranking with surprise

The latest ranking of the best cities in the world. Surprisingly, some countries are missing

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The Resonance group of international consultants continues the annual tradition by publishing the list of the best cities in the world.

This ranking is based on several factors including product (a city’s key institutions, attractions, and infrastructure), programming (arts, culture, entertainment, and culinary scene), people (a city’s immigration rate and diversity), and prosperity ( occupation of a city, corporate headquarters, household income and the employment rate).

Despite the importance of these more objective factors, the stories, advice and reviews that can be found online about a city are also not overlooked.

Let’s see together the list of the best cities in the world.

The BEST CITIES in the world: ranking with surprise 

# 1 London

Credit: @latualondra

London ranks first in this ranking for the fifth consecutive year; to influence this record is certainly the first place for the “promotion” category which includes the amount of stories, references and advice shared online about the city.

# 2 New York

Credit: @new_york_city_photo

New York gets the silver medal above all thanks to the first place in the world in the “programming” category, distinguishing itself for the entertainment and nightlife it offers its citizens and tourists every day.

# 3 Paris

Credit: @scatto_parigi

Despite the various disasters that have hit the city in recent years, Paris ranks third in the product category, with the second best airport connectivity in the world.

# 4 Moscow

Credit: @moscow

Moscow acquires a position compared to last year, probably also thanks to the first place in the world in the product category.

# 5 Tokyo

Credit: @ tokyo.explores

It is to the city of Tokyo that is awarded the gold medal in the category concerning the place, distinguishing itself for the quality of the natural and urban environment and for its safety.

# 6 Dubai

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With its sixth position, Dubai still ranks second on the world list in the category of place and people while maintaining its leadership as a city without equal.

# 7 Singapore

Credit: @singaporeworld

Singapore maintains its seventh position again this year, demonstrating how much a city can achieve in just a few decades.

# 8 Barcelona

Credit: @barcelonacitytravel

Barcelona thanks to its wonderful location and the very good reviews shared on the internet enters the top 10 of the best cities in the world.

# 9 Los Angeles

Credit: @losangeles_city

It remains in the position of last year with its seventh place in the promotion category.

# 10 Madrid

Credit: @visita_madrid

Its museums and its modern reinvention projects of the city have allowed it to climb two positions compared to last year, entering, albeit at the bottom, in the top 10 of the best cities in the world.

#List with surprises

The list of the 10 best cities in the world is over, surprised?
The appeal is missing Italy, which touches the ranking with Rome at the 11th position, but also all the Nordic countries.

Weren’t they the place with the happiest inhabitants in the world?