The history and where is what has been called "the most beautiful cafe in the world"

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It was born at the end of the 19th century and still today its luxury and elegance make it the most spectacular cafe in the world. Here is its history and where is what has been called “the most beautiful cafe in the world”.


# Born at the end of the 19th century, the New York Café in Budapest is considered the most beautiful cafe in the world

The New York Café in Budapest was founded in 1894 when the American insurance company New York Life Insurance Company decided to inaugurate its headquarters in the Hungarian capital. The idea was to create a luxurious, elegant and impressive venue, the New York Palace, which on the ground floor included a cafeteria distributed over four levels.

The bar still has an eclectic architecture today, between Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau, made of white to green marble columns, high ceilings covered with incredible paintings and relief decorations, wooden and iron balconies, draperies and brocades, Venetian candelabra and chandeliers. For these reasons and for the atmosphere that is perceived inside, it has obtained the reputation of “the most beautiful café in the world.

# The decline and the ups and downs of rebirth

A favorite haunt of thinkers, artists, politicians and intellectuals of the city since its inauguration, it was partially abandoned until the 1920s following the First World War and the independence of Hungary. After the Second World War, during which it was used as a stable for livestock, it changed its name and destination to become Restaurant Hungaria.

A first revival of the Cafe took place in the 1980s, when the original name was restored and then closed again in the 1990s. Taken over by the Boscolo Group in 2001 together with the inside of the building to make it a five-star hotel, the New York Cafe is completely renovated and its ancient splendor is brought back to light.

The price list is not the cheapest, but if you are in Budapest a fixed appointment is to sit down and have a coffee in the midst of so much wonder.


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