SLEEPING in a CLOUD? Here you can do it

Cloud opens the doors to a dream dimension, which allows you to escape from the chaotic life of every day.

How many times did we search on Google looking for extravagant hotels to surprise our partner? By now, looking for a unusual weekend has become a regular activity. You can find tree houses, hotel rooms in caves, underwater ones or in a wine barrel. But just when you think you’ve tried them all, you reach the Cloud. Did you know that you can even sleep on the clouds?

SLEEPING in a CLOUD? Here you can do it

# Cloud, to escape from chaotic everyday life

Clouds are always a source of attraction. Writers and painters have created thousands of works inspired by them. They have been the muses of Constable and the origin of Magritte’s work. In the attempt to overcome our limits, Berndnaut Smilde did an experiment to enclose clouds in a room. After that, the EFE-Estudio Felipe Escudero team decided to bring them to the ground. They created Cloud, an accommodation out of time and space in the Tantra Boutique Motel in Quito, Ecuador.

Cloud is really a cloud in concept, spaces and colors. Everything has been designed to allow guests to escape from the hectic everyday life. Here you can live an immersive experience out of the ordinary. Wouldn’t you like it?

# Cloud transports you to a surreal dimension out of space and time

The intent is to offer visitors a space where mind and body are transported to an almost parallel universe. Guests of Cloud can get lost to find themselves. Looking at the images, the attention immediately falls on the play of contrasts rendered by the colors. Different textures and indirect lights envelop you in a rarefied atmosphere that emanates vibrations. Upon entering, guests are catapulted into a surreal dimension where the sensation is that of floating on a cloud. Lot of attention to the details, here. Not only in the use of different materials such as metal, wood, ceramic and glass, but also in the design.

Inside Cloud there are metamorphic sculptures that simulate parts of the human body. Crystal spheres are floating in the space. A round mirror hanging above the bed gives the room a touch of fun. All the space is deliberately organized in order to amplify the overall spatial sensation and to recreate a dreamlike atmosphere.

# Quito’s clouds are waiting for us

It’s time we no longer need to fantasize about it, we can do it! Tantra Boutique Motel and Felipe Escudero architecture studio gave us a new challenge: reaching Quito and sleeping on the clouds.


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