The 10 TRAIN trips to do at least once in your LIFE

This is the list of the 10 most spectacular train journeys in the world

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What matters is the path of the journey and not the arrival. (T. S. Eliot). And nothing better than enjoying the ride on a train. This is the list of the 10 most spectacular train journeys in the world.

The 10 TRAIN trips to do at least once in your LIFE

# 1 The California Zephyr, United States: the “Coast to Coast” of almost 4,000 km

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If you are in North America the California Zephyr is certainly the most spectacular choice for a train journey. It is a 3,924 km route between prairies, deserts, the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. A connection between Chicago and San Francisco with spectacular views, especially if you are in the dining car which has huge windows.

Credits: – California Zephyr

# 2 The Reunification Express, Vietnam: traveling 2 days at 50 km / h for 1,726 km between historic cities and breathtaking coasts

Credits anderallex IG – Reunification Express

It is the railway line that connects the North and South of Vietnam and is perfect for those who love slow travel. You will find yourself passing through historic cities, along stretches of breathtaking coasts and admiring landscapes surrounded by greenery. The route, 1726 km from Ho Chi Mihn City to Hanoi or vice versa, is daily but it takes about 2 days to complete it because the Reunification Express travels at 50 km per hour, so it is slower than an Italian regional train.

Reunification express

#3 The Perurail train on Lake Titicaca, Peru: 10-hour journey between the Andes, valleys, pristine plains and llama farmers

Credits InstagramFOTOGRAFIN -pixabay – Perurail

Do you know the famous Lake Titicaca? There is a railway line that starts from Puno, runs along the lake and crosses Peru to the capital Cuzco. You can enjoy the Andes, the valleys, the pristine plains and the llama farmers, sipping a cocktail or dining in the excellent restaurant on board. The 388 km are covered in about 10 hours, but be careful because the train only leaves 3 times a week.

Perurail ruote

#4 The Baikal-Amur railway, Russia: 4.324 km are covered in 4 days with temperatures even as low as -60°

Credits IG – Baikal-Amur railway

If you love the cold and travel over 4000 km, this is what you are looking for. Baikal-Amur is less famous than its Trans-Siberian cousin but certainly holds the title of the largest construction project in the Soviet Union. A demanding journey of 4324 km that crosses remote landscapes and small villages where in winter the thermometer drops to -60 °. It starts from Tayshet and arrives in Sovetskaya Gavan, in about four days or so.

Credits: – Bajkal-Amur in green line

#5 By train from Beijing to Lhasa, China: in 40 hours it climbs 5,000 meters up to the Tibetan plateau, higher than Mont Blanc

From Beijing to Lhasa

The Z21 train that leaves from Beijing to get to Lhasa is a real railway monster that climbs about 5,000 meters in 40 hours to get to the Tibetan plateau. The journey takes us from the chaotic and crowded Beijing to an enchanted world of peace and perfumes, where incense and prayers are the backdrop to a heavenly panorama. On board you can eat noodles and play cards with other travelers.

The Z21 train from Beijing the Tibetan plateau

#6 TranzAlpine, New Zealand: one of the most beautiful and scenic day trips in the world, 223 km long and covered in 4 and a half hours

Credits lasttraininthebook IG – Tranzalpine

One of the most beautiful and scenic day trips in the world, of 223 km, which is located in New Zealand and has the characteristic of passing through different microclimates. It starts from Christchurch, descends into the Canterbury plains up into the southern Alps, and then exits between lakes, rivers and rainforests. In short, an adventure full of different scenarios that can only be enjoyed from the train in 4 and a half hours.


#7 From Andimeshk to Dorud, Iran: 7 hours, for just over 200 km, in a bucolic setting and wild nature

Railway from Andimeshk to Dorud

It is among the least known in the world but certainly among the most spectacular. It crosses the Zagros Mountains, flows between valleys and enters deep tunnels. An exciting journey in a bucolic setting, perfect for those who love wild and unspoiled nature. Every day the train leaves Andimeshk and arrives in Dorud in 7 hours maximum, covering 209 km.

Ruote from Andimeshk to Dorud

#8 The Caledonian Sleeper, Great Britain: the night train from the City of London to the Scottish Highlands

Credits myrailadventures_377 IG – Caldonian Sleeper

A night train that will rock you from central London to the peaks of the Scottish Highlands. In 14 hours you travel 819 km, lulled by the constant noise of the rails, good food and the Single Malt. The spectacular awakening in front of the mountains can only conclude this journey perfectly.

Credits movovit – Caledonian Sleeper

#9 The Oslo-Bergen Railway, Norway: The Bergensbanen explores Norwegian nature in 7 hours over a distance of 500km

Credits olesimonj.h.larsen IG – Bergensbanen

Departure from Oslo and arrival in Bergen. The Bergensbanen is the train that explores Norwegian nature. Virtually unknown outside its country, this train travels 496 km in about 7 hours and gives you great emotions showing the beauty of Norwegian canyons, rivers and mountains, not to mention the great ice formations.

Bergensbanen ruote

#10 The Tazara railway, Tanzania and Zambia: the African “Coast to Coast” that takes 2 days to cover almost 1,900 km

Credits katsuma tanaka on Unsplash – Tazara Railways

This 1860km journey from the Tanzanian port city to Kapiri Mposhi should take around 46 hours but the word here is “take it easy”, so the train often takes many hours to complete its route. However, this is not a problem, because the particularity is neither the landscape nor the possibility of seeing wild animals (there is a small possibility), but precisely the climate of calm.

The Tazara railway


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