Have you ever found yourself in one of these situations?

Credits curly_clod IG - Greco Pirelli

It seems that designers sometimes enjoy driving travelers crazy. Have you ever found yourself in one of these situations?


#1 Beware of the Republic crossing: you risk being expelled outside

Credits grazianig IG – M3 Repubblica

The metro station and the Piazza della Repubblica passerby station can become a real trap. If you arrive on board of a M3 line train and have to get on a suburban one, you have to pay attention to the passage you take when you get off the wagon. If you choose one too far or too far back, depending on the direction from which the subway is coming, you risk to slip into a dead end. The corridor facing the platforms is in fact interrupted in the middle by a wall: in the event of a wrong choice, you end up outside the station.

#2 The Lotto station at risk of loops

Credits pallin86 IG – Corridor from M1 to M5

Catching a train in the Lotto metro station has never been a big problem until the M5 line and its interchange have also been built. The first trouble is to understand which platform to take the M5 line if you get off the M1 line: if you are not on the right side, you have to go up the stairs to the mezzanine and then go back down on the opposite side.

Having overcome this deadlock, getting to sit on a train of the M5 line will not be a walk in the park. In fact, you will have to go through a long tunnel and go down a few floors to get to the trains, paying attention not to take the wrong escalators and find yourself in the mezzanine of the new line.

Finally, if you enter directly from the entrance of via Vigliani of the M5 you risk ending up in a loop and never being able to get on the M1.

#3 The opposite poles of the platforms of the Porta Garibaldi station

Credits ariel_dicaro IG – Porta Garibaldi Station

The Porta Garibaldi station is one of the most tangled in Milan, with two metro lines, suburban, regional and high-speed trains. It becomes a real odyssey just when you have to take one of the latter. The platforms where the trains stop are in fact located in two opposite places of the station, from number 1 to number 14 on one side and from 15 to 20 on the other. Being on the wrong side is a moment and consequently also missing the train.

#4 The Greco Pirelli station “hides” the trains on platforms 11, 12 and 13

Credits curly_clod IG – Greco Pirelli

In the Greco Pirelli station everything runs smoothly except in the case where you have to take a train at platform 11, 12 or 13. The long underpass ends with a curve that does not show the entrances to go up to the platforms where those tracks stop. Therefore, those who are not aware of it will never know if the train they are waiting for is arriving, waiting or if they have already started.

#5 Rogoredo platform 8 deception

Credits laeriiika IG – Stazione di Rogoredo

The Rogoredo train station, despite not having many tracks, 8 passers-by plus 5 trunks, can deceive those who are not used to frequenting it, especially when you have to get on high-speed trains.

Indeed, these convoys usually stop at platform number 8, the last of the underpass, but the directions to get there are unclear and often taking the stairs instead of going up to the platform you find yourself in front of the Sky headquarters in the Santa Giulia district, outside the station.