"An exceptionally beautiful, safe and functional beach, surrounded by the colors of nature"

An Italian beach with a Guinness Italian Record: the largest private beach on the Peninsula. Do you know what it is?


#Each person can have up to 64 square meters of private space on the beach

Spiaggia di Bibione

Bibione is known for its wellness and outdoor holidays. The Venetian town has always been promoted as a seaside resort characterized by a rich nature and is recognized as the city of large spaces. It is precisely with this in mind that in 2020 Bibione Spiaggia, the Veneto company that manages 80% of the beach, decided to focus on the image of the town and inaugurate the largest beach in Italy. With the strict anti-Covid measures that existed in the first post-lockdown period, in the summer of 2020 also in the beaches it was necessary to maintain a certain distance between the guests and the Venetian company that manages the Bibione beach has respected all the rules, creating the largest beach on the Peninsula.

On the beach of Bibione, 3 choices of locations were offered to its tourists: beach front umbrellas with 16 square meters of space, intermediate level umbrellas with 32 square meters of space and finally the 64 square meters areas. All these stations with so much space per person, added together, have transformed a beach where in 2017 it was necessary to travel up to 200m to get to the shoreline, on the largest beach in Italy.

#A Blue Flag beach

Credits: @italianatheart__

In Bibione, therefore, for the third consecutive summer there will be the largest beach in Italy. As the president of Bibione Spiaggia said two years ago, in addition to finding the largest beach in Italy, “Guests will find an exceptionally beautiful, safe and functional beach, surrounded by the colors of nature“. On the beach every comfort is guaranteed, it is even possible to order food via the app and then enjoy snacks, lunches or aperitifs without having to go to the bar. But on the beach, as always, there are also kiosks and essential services (ticket offices, bathrooms and changing rooms).

Besides the sand, the protagonist of the beach is the vegetation that exists immediately before the largest beach in Italy, which has been implemented and makes the days at the beach “open air holidays”. In addition, the sea and the beach of the town are each year certified by the Foundation for Environmental Education with the Blue Flag. The attention to the environment, the modern and functional equipment, the services offered and the measures taken, as well as the water of the clean sea, make the largest beach in Italy green and sustainable.


(Original article by Beatrice Barazzetti)