The most expensive ICE CREAM in the world: 683 euros

This is the price of the Black Diamond. But it is not the absolute record: there is also a million dollar dessert

Credits: @sicilyinfood gelato

It is not the most absurd price we see, but when an Italian food is revisited and sold at exaggerated prices, the Italians are not so happy of that. It’s their invention and it is not clear why others have to charge it so much.

The most expensive ICE CREAM in the world: 683 euros

We are talking about an ice cream costing 683 euros, not a little comparing to the price of an ice cream cone in Italy (2 or 3 euro). Yes, because this exorbitant price was not presented by an Italian ice cream shop, but by a bar in Dubai.

# The history of ice cream

Credits: @sicilyinfood italian gelato

It’s not known who invented ice cream. If you are talking about fruit, milk, honey and other refrigerated foods and frozen milk as the ancestors of ice cream, the invention is traced back to an Italian cook. It would have been Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, from Sicily, who created the gelato for the first time. Departing from Aci Trezza he arrived in Paris and, in 1686, opened the Café Procope. From that moment it would seem ice cream became so famous and appreciated in France, so much so as to claim its invention. However, for now, the Italians can take credit.

# Premium flavors for a 683 euro ice cream

black diamond

An ice cream made with fresh vanilla pods, saffron, black truffle and garnished with real edible gold. As reported by these are the flavors that have made an ice cream in Dubai so expensive: almost 700 euros. It was the Indian travel vlogger, Shenaz Treasury, during a trip in Dubai, to discover the dessert from the prohibitive price. Documenting everything he did, he also arrived at the Scoopi Cafe, where he found an ice cream bowl called Black Diamond. The name had already said everything. Then considering the ingredients with which it was made, a high price was to be expected. Price in fact that also seems to vary, since it has been paid also 751 euros.

In addition, it seems it took 5 long weeks to create the right combination of tastes and think about the perfect presentation. The ice cream is in fact in a cup of Versace and decorated with an edible gold leaf of 23 carats.

#Take an ice cream and get a ring

Mauboussin Mega Sundae

But that’s not all. Because if Black Diamond looks like the most expensive ice cream in the world, it actually comes at a higher price. In this case, however, it should be noted that often with the dessert you are given something (for this reason the most expensive gelato is the one in Dubai). As for the Mauboussin Mega Sundae sold for 919 euros in New York. Here, with a cup of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, Dom Perignon rosé champagne sorbet, chocolate truffles, macarons and chocolate brownies always covered with 24-carat gold, all wrapped in a vodka chocolate sauce, a white gold ring is given away. The ice cream is dedicated to the French jewelry Mauboussin.

# A garnish of diamonds

Strawberries Arnaud

But the most absurd price is that of a simple vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping, wine sauce, cream, spices and fresh mint, the Arnaud Strawberries sold in New Orleans. This dessert costs well 1.23 million euros. The reason? Looking better into the cup, you can see that a strawberry is decorated with a pink diamond ring of 4.7 carats.