This polka dot lake looks like a work of art but has a secret: it changes every season

Credit: @beautiful_planet2018

It is not magic and not even the result of a child’s drawing with a lot of imagination, it is reality. A crazy reality created by nature that once again exceeds the limit by creating a polka dot lake with colors that change according to the period.


# The lake with polka dots

Credit: @beautiful_planet2018

We are near Osoyoos, in British Columbia in Canada, this is where the polka dot lake is located. It is called Kliluk Lake and every year it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Despite its worldwide fame, this is a sacred place for the native Indians of the place. According to legends and as also reported by the sign placed in front of the mirror of water with polka dots, these waters have therapeutic properties.

They are said to heal wounds, sprains, skin diseases and muscle aches.

In fact, an ancient legend tells that, during a battle between the local tribes, a truce was specially declared to give both rivals time to immerse the wounded in Lake Kliluk. But how does the lake be polka dot?

# The magic of minerals

Credit: @ riyazgohar312

This unique appearance comes from the dissolved minerals. The minerals contain high concentrations of magnesium sulfate, sodium calcium sulfate and other minerals, such as silver and titanium, capable of creating extraordinary geometric shapes above the surface of the water.

Most of the water evaporates during the summer months and this causes large bubbles to emerge which are nothing more than deposits of minerals of various colors.

This lake has in fact another secret: it changes color according to the season.

# The lake that changes color today

Credit: @viajeseroski

The shades of the polka dots depend on the chemical composition and the amount of seasonal rainfall and for this reason it becomes colorful.

The colors of Lake Kliluk change according to the seasons of the year: from white, pale yellow to green or bright blue.

The natives tried to buy it to preserve it as a sacred place and after more than 20 years of trying they closed the deal in 2001, buying the surrounding land of 22 hectares for a total of 720 thousand dollars.

The lake today is therefore located on private land surrounded by a fence but it is easy to admire it in its beauty even from a distance.