THE TALLEST LIFT in the world. Next stop: Mars

Ascent overlooking the magic World of Avatar

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How many times have I said “I’ll take the stairs to hurry” while waiting for the elevator light to turn on? Probably hundreds of times, too in a hurry to stand still in front of that electric door that didn’t seem to want to indulge my impatience. If you find yourself in front of the Bailong lift and the light continues to flash, you better wait because the ascent that awaits you will be 326 meters.

THE TALLEST LIFT in the world. Next stop: Mars

# The lift of the hundred dragons

Credit: @livefolk

The Bailong elevator is considered the tallest and heaviest lift in the world.

Bailong, which means “lift of the 100 dragons”, rises 326 meters and is completely leaning against the wall of a mountain; it stands on one side of a pillar of a cliff and overlooks the famous historical and scenic site of Wulingyuan, one of the most important attractions in China.

Its dizzying height allowed it to become part of the Guinness world record in 2015.

# The construction

Credit: @8naturemiracle8

Completed in 2002 after only three years of construction, the panoramic lift is made entirely of glass and steel. It consists of a lower half set within the mountain, while the upper one consists of an exposed steel tower.

The construction consists of three two-story glass cabins, each hooked to one side of a sandstone pillar. In less than two minutes, each lift can carry up to 50 passengers at a time, with a daily capacity of nearly 20,000 visitors.

# Climb with a view of the world of Avatar

Credit: @jarod_jin

Avatars fan will surely remember the “Hallelujah Mountains”, real mountains floating in the air.

James Cameron, the film’s director, screenwriter and producer, came up with this idea from the mountains of Zhangjiajie National Park, in the Wulingyuan district where the elevator is located. The Chinese mountains do not float in the air but with the right climate and clouds, the stone columns can give the sensation of floating without support with the earth.

# Two minutes of adventure

Credit: @zachjdemps

This royal Guinness lift in two minutes is a unique experience that every person, while challenging their limits, should try.