AKON: the enchanted city of Africa

2 billion euros to turn the city of dreams into reality

credits: africarivista.it

Among the most futuristic urban projects of the moment stands out Akon City. A six billions investment (whose two already collected) would turn the city of dreams into reality. But what ideas could the whole world take from this futuristic project?

AKON: the enchanted city of Africa

#1 The city of Afro-futurism: six billions investment, completed  by 2026. Shall we create a universal architectural avant-garde?

Hussein Bakri/BAD consultant/Semer group

Completed by 2026, the six billions project stands out for the encounter between African inspiration and most advanced technologies. In one single word: afro-futurism.

The eccentric shape of the buildings is certainly a surprising feature. Inspired by traditional African statues, they create a surreal landscape. After all, the project is inspired by Wakanda, the kingdom of Marvel superhero Black Panther. And, the project’s mind is an artist, the eclectic six times Grammy nominee singer Akon.

Wouldn’t be nice, take a cue to generate an architectural movement spreading all over the world?

#2 It will be a Special Tax Zone with its own cryptocurrency: an idea for every city

Hussein Bakri/BAD consultant/Semer group

Mr. Akon proudly declared that the city will be a Special Tax Zone. Already available cryptocurrency – the Akoin – will be the currency for all transactions. The city, then, would become more autonomous from the Senegalese government. Though being a springboard for whole Senegal economy, the process will pull each city to greater independence and fiscal autonomy.

#3 A 100% sustainable and ecological city: the global goal?

credit: italy2invest.it

Akon assures that the gigantic project will be completely sustainable. The metropolis will even be the first Senegalese city to be LEED (an evaluation of ecological buildings) fully certified.

Lots of countries are already investing heavily in sustainability. And – even if it’s never enough – the goal is transform any big city in a fully eco-sustainable metropolis.

# A new model of balance between environment, innovation and quality of life: the new frontier for the citizens of tomorrow

If we think about our cities today and how we can improve them, we think exactly about that. Come to a city tailor-made for citizens, modeled following their plural identity models. That, not so deep down, have lots of common elements.

Antoine De Saint Exupery wrote “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away”. Achieving a perfect balance between urban environment and citizens is possible. And today seems to be a little less distant destination.