The “clothespin”: the first artistic skyscraper (and also the biggest piece of art) of the world

Clothespin Tower: it will be not only the biggest artwork of the world, but also the first artistic skyscraper ever built

credits: IG

Dubai is famous all over the world for its glitz and its eccentric world records, among which we can mention the highest skyscraper, the biggest mall and the most luxurious hotel that counts 7 stars. This city is going to achieve another record thanks to the Clothespin Tower, which will not only be the biggest piece of art in the world, but also the first artistic skyscraper ever built. Let’s find out together what all this is about!

The “clothespin”: the first artistic skyscraper (and also the biggest piece of art) of the world

# Zygo, the artist who create the iconic shape of the building

credits: zygo_artist IG

The skyscraper is going to have the iconic shape of a clothespin, a simple and common object which encapsulate a deeper meaning. The idea was born a few years ago from the Israeli artist Zygo as a symbol of love, peace and hope.

For years, the artist has only depicted it with painting and sculpture, until, flanked by the entrepreneur Jacob Shpingel, he decided to transform it in a skyscraper. As Zygo himself affirmed: “by incorporating hope, love and union into a building, our goal is to develop the first living building with highly innovative design and cutting-edge ingenuity”.

# A deep meaning behind a common object

credits: zygo_artist IG

Behind an everyday utility object, like the clothespin, you can find a message of hope and eternal love. The two halves of the clothespin come together to create a single shape and a single object, just like two souls that choose each other and connect forever. The two parts represent complementary halves that, in the clothespin, merge together creating a single entity.

Zygo’s goal is to connect with the human emotions, to create a symbol of peace, hope and eternal love to spread all over the world through the majestic building.

# The sumptuous interiors of the Clothespin Tower

credits: gnfocus IG

“If I create with my heart, almost everything works; if I create with my mind, almost anything”. These are the words that the artist has chosen to introduce his tower on the official website of the project. The building will have 50 floors, for a total height of 350 meters, and its interiors will follow the complementarity concept of the clothespin. One part will be destined for about 300 luxury apartments, that residents will be able to adjust according to their needs, while another part will host a magnificent hotel, where artists from all over the world will be able to design a room and baptize it with their own name.

The Clothespin Tower, whose construction is scheduled to begin in 2023, will also host a high fashion boutique, art galleries, restaurants and much more, in fact there is no shortage of design projects.