The awesome SWIMMING POOL overhanging a Norwegian fjord

A thrilling hotel, hanging over a fjord with an impressive swimming pool that drops into freefall


Preikestolen is one of Norway’s most visited attractions: a 600-meter rock cliff overhanging the incredible Lysefjord, the fjord of Light.

Its name literally means the “the Pulpit” and designates just that spike of rock 604 meters high that overhangs the open space. Preikestolen is one of the most popular viewpoints in all of Norway and is visited by approximately 200,000 people annually.
In addition to its breathtaking beauty, the fame of this extraordinary place is also due to the fact that Tom Cruise’s thrilling scene of the sixth episode of “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” was shot here.
The “pulpit” can only be reached on foot and in a few years’ time this place might well host one of the most scenic hotels in the world.

The awesome SWIMMING POOL overhanging a Norwegian fjord

# A boutique hotel with only nine rooms

Credits: @powellmayas

The hotel, which hasn’t got a name yet, was designed by Istanbul-based architectural firm Hayri Atak. Inspired by the photo of a friend who had spent his vacations in Norway, Atak set to work with the idea of creating a hotel completely immersed in the wildest nature.
For now, it’s just a proposal, but the photos of the concept are really stunning.

The hotel consists of 9 rooms and the structure is directly carved out of the rock of Preikestolen. The entrance is located on the upper panoramic terrace, which gives access to the three lower floors designed to host the rooms, all to be equipped with balconies overhanging the fjord.

# The stunning overhanging pool


It’s the hotel’s real gamechanger: a pool with completely transparent walls and backdrop, that stretches out into the endless void of the Norwegian fjord.
According to the architect’s concept, the pool will be “an extension of the cliff itself” and, starting from here, he has created a highly innovative and visionary solution.
The pool will become an unbeatable place to relax, higly unadvisable for those who suffer from vertigo but perfect for all those who love adrenaline and want to take a “chilling” swim.

# Movie location

Credits: @preikestolen365

Who doesn’t remember Tom Cruise in “Mission: Impossible-Fallout” hanging with only four fingers from the edge of the cliff while fighting to avoid a fall of hundreds of feet?
Well, that cliff is precisely the Preikestolen and, to promote the feature, in 2018, an atmospheric outdoor screening was organized, which was attended by about two thousand people. If not impossible, at least not a very simple mission, even for movie lovers.
The “pulpit” can be reached only on foot, starting from a parking place at the base of the fjord.
The walk takes about an hour and the path is rather rough, although technically accessible more or less to everyone.

But once at the destination, the sight, with or without a giant screen, is breathtaking: a massive rock terrace offering an unforgettable view over the Lysefjord.


Original article by LAURA COSTANTIN

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