The new HIGHEST and most FUTURIST SKYSCRAPER in Europe: living 600 meters above the city

It will have the highest inhabited floor in the world. Here's where it will be


The project for the new Lakhta Center is born: it has not yet been built and has already broken almost all world records. Let’s see where it will be and what its firsts are.

The new HIGHEST and most FUTURIST SKYSCRAPER in Europe: living 600 meters

# The new record skyscraper: the highest inhabited floor in the world


The Kettle Collective plans to build a new skyscraper in St. Petersburg, Russia; it has not yet been built and already holds several records.

Lakhta Center II will be the skyscraper with the highest inhabited floor in the world, at a height of 590 meters.

It will be 703 meters high, making it the tallest skyscraper in Europe and the second tallest tower in the world, taking the place of the Shanghai Tower, which measures 632 meters.

In first place with its 828 meters remains the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which will see another record stolen in return: that of the highest inhabited floor in the world.

# The brother Lakhta Center I

Credit: @glassarchitecture

Lakhta Center II will rise on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, next to the original Lakhta Center from which it will steal the show, breaking all its records.

462 meters high, Lachta-center I is currently the tallest building in Russia, the tallest building in Europe and the 12th tallest building in the world with its 87 floors.

The second will instead be 240 meters higher than the first. The typical bullet shape will remain similar but will be embellished with an external exoskeleton in gold that will envelop the helical windows.

In fact, his is 585 meters high and will be surpassed by the Russian project by only 5 meters.

# The Kettle Collective project


The project is by the same architectural firm, the Kettle Collective, which has also won architectural awards for the other building. However, the construction site will be supervised by the Russian architects of the Gorproject agency.

This new project will pioneer a new way of seeing the future and design.

The Lakhta Center II will in fact have pioneering elevators, powered by energy regenerated by the movement of the elevator itself and will include spaces recognized as essential for coexistence and work, while also ensuring a good dose of fun.

But how did this idea come about? The project was inspired by energy in all its forms. From the helical waves generated around the quasars of deep space, to the spirals of the energy of the waves themselves, from which the tower takes its shape.

As architect Tony Kettle, head of design explains: “The design is both aesthetic and functional, as it will significantly reduce the wind forces that will impact the structure, in turn reducing the size of the structural elements required within the building. ‘building. The outer layer of the building will be created by spiral columns that form an open organic helical grid, while the structure is hollowed out by a series of spiral atriums shared with vertical public spaces “.

According to the group of architects, the new Lakhta Center 2 will be “a sustainable design model for global projects for the development of skyscrapers in the future”.