FASTEST car in the world gets EVEN FASTER

Once upon a time there was the fastest hypercar in the world who got even faster and set unprecedented records…


Less than one year ago SSC North America presented the fastest car model in the world. Today, that same car just beat its own records and evolved towards even greater results.

FASTEST car in the world gets EVEN FASTER

# 455 kilometers per hour: just like an airplane

Credits: – SSC Tuatara Striker

Named “SSC Tuatara”, the sole objective to demolish any previous record on the ground. In 2020 the goal has been achieved: this wheeled monster reached 455 kilometers per hour straight-line. Nonetheless, is 2021 the year of the ultimate consacration of this prototype thanks to the production of two additional versions of the hypercar of the records, aiming to beat the almost impossible speed wall of 455 km/h.

# Two new models: not “airplanes”, “jets”

Tuatara’s newest models go by the name of “Striker” and “Aggressor”. Just after their official debut, they both seem to be ready to drop an even better performance and raise the bar.

“Striker” is a more flexible prototype that can be freely used for road, while “Aggressor” is limited to professional circuits. The first sits on 1174 horsepower, the latter on the uncanny value of 2231 horsepower, V8 engine and double turbo. Both of them share the aerodynamics of flying jets, to minimize the attrition with air, and are equipped with a wide back-spoiler and an improved carbon fiber diffuser.

The cars are already available for sale and can be thoroughly personalized. Although, to be honest, the main attractions remain the unbelievable power and the adrenaline to drive the fastest object on ground the Earth has ever seen.

SSC Tuatara Aggressor


(Original article by Matteo Guardabassi)