The 10 STRANGEST SUBWAY STOP in the WORLD (photos)

Here is the ranking of the most curious and particular subway stop that can be found in the world

Credits lyo IG - Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

More and more, in the world, people try to make metro stops masterpieces also because they are a staple in the visit of tourists from all over the world. Here is the ranking of the most curious and particular ones that can be found.

The 10 STRANGEST SUBWAY STOP in the WORLD (photos)

# 10 Komsomolskaya in Moscow, royal elegance

Credits mihailopotapich IG – Komsomolskaya, Moscow, Russia

The historic Komsomolskaya metro station in Moscow is a riot of stuccoes, columns and candelabra worthy of a royal palace. Built with great fanfare in 1952 to patriotically celebrate the history of Russia and the great future of the nation, elegant and magnificent, it is the flagship of the Koltsevaya Line.

# 9 Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall Station in Dubai, the emblem of power

Credits Pavlo Luchkovski from Pexels – Dubai Mall Station, UAE

The station connects, through an infinite corridor of 800 meters, the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa – with the Dubai Mall, from which the station takes its name. Gigantic, spectacular and ultra-modern, Burj Khalifa Dubai boasts grandiloquent, over-the-top architecture, in full Dubai style.

# 8 Drassanes in Barcelona, straight from the future

Credits architetti – Drassanes, Barcelona, Spain

The restyling of the Drassanes station in Spain looks like something out of a Stanley Kubrick film thanks to the work of the ON-A Arquitectura studio which has completely reinvented it. The stop today is a masterpiece of futuristic lines, plastic shapes and plastic vanishing points.

# 7 Candidplatz U-Banhof in Munich, the rainbow station

Credits mrzed_bp IG – U-Bahnhof Candidplatz

Candidplatz U-Banhof of the Munich Metro, inaugurated in 1997, bears the name of “Candid” Peter de Witte, a Flemish Renaissance painter. To remain faithful to its artistic vocation, its ceilings, walls and columns are completely covered with colors that blend with each other in a beautiful rainbow effect. Psychedelic.

# 6 Olaias in Lisbon, geometric and colorful

Credits mar_k_ing IG – Olaias Station, Lisbon, Portugal

The Olaias station was entirely conceived by architect Tomas Taveira, who wanted it to be geometric and colorful. Colorful and a little crazy, it is made up of a forest of stained glass windows and metal columns, which in the evening lights up with a thousand bright colors. True example of contemporary art that puts a good mood.

# 5 Tunnelbana, T-Centralen in Stockholm, the historiated cave

Credits Bastien Hervé on Unsplash – T-Cetralen,  Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm metro system, the Tunnelbana, is an immense art gallery with sculptures, mosaics, paintings and granite installations. Each stop hosts works created by artists who have interpreted and told the history of the city, each with their own style. T-Centralen is one of the most beautiful stops on the entire metro network: a historiated cave that leaves you speechless.

# 4 Toledo station in Naples, the art station

Credits jungle13room IG – Toledo Station, Naples, Italy

The Toledo stop of line 1 in Naples is part of the Neapolitan art stations project, about 200 works of art created by international artists and emerging local architects. A mosaic tunnel welcomes visitors with bright shades and a dip in the blue. The stop has low carbon dioxide emissions and was designed by the Spanish architect Oscar Tusquets Blanca, who was inspired by the transparency and colors of the sea, with light installations by Robert Wilson.

# 3 Iidabashi in Tokyo, a masterpiece of crystal and anodized metal

Credits bluetreeskytree IG – Iidabashi station, Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo’s Iidabashi subway station is a glittering masterpiece of crystal and anodized metal. All made in shades of acid green and silver, the works were completed in 2000 by the architect Makoto Watanabe who wanted it to be vibrant, fluorescent and in constant motion.

# 2 Bund Sightseeing Tunnel in Shanghai, the fluorescent gallery

Credits lyo IG – Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

The Bund Sightseeing, with its 700 meters in length, is the first of its kind in China. The tunnel is not only colorful: its carriages are transparent, which allows passengers to enjoy a colorful spectacle at full speed. The show is completed by a synchronized sound system, for a truly all-round underground experience.

# 1 Formosa Boulevard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan: the station of the 4 natural elements

Credits allanlau2000-pixabay – Formosa Boulevard, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The Formosa Boulevard subway station in Kaohsiung features the “Dome of Light”, an imposing structure measuring 30 meters by 660 square meters. The show is really impressive especially at night, when its neon pillars light up. The ring on the ceiling is completely illustrated with stories drawn from the 4 elements, water, earth, light and fire.



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