THE DEEPEST METRO IN THE WORLD and the only one that hasn’t named the stations with places

Two lines running 110 meters underground

Credits: world_walkerz IG - Metro Pyongyang

The deepest underground network is also one of the most mysterious in the world, which has triggered some conspiracy theories. Here it is, with its records and secrets.

THE DEEPEST METRO IN THE WORLD and the only one with stations that are not named after places

# Two lines running 110 meters underground

Credits: – Mappa metro

The Metro in Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, consists of two lines that span 22.5 kilometers with 17 stations, certainly not one of the largest networks.

However, it does have a record: all of its tunnels and stops are located 110 meters below the ground level, and no other metropolitan transportation system goes that deep. The metro in Moscow is the source of inspiration for both the layout of the Pyongyang underground and the sumptuous interiors of its stations, characterized by marble floors and columns, artworks and large chandeliers.

# The stations are named with catchwords of the Korean revolution

Credits: domfell
IG – Murale Kim II Sung

Unlike most metro networks around the world, the North Korean underground stations are  not designated with the names of places where they are located, but with overblown concepts from the North Korean Revolution, using catchwords such as “war Comrade”, “paradise or triumphant return”.

Moreover, inside the stations and trains, the Regime Propaganda is spread instead of advertising: state-owned radio programs are broadcast from the loudspeakers and copies of the Rodong Sinmun, i.e. the official newspaper of the Korean Labor Party, can be found at the platforms. There are also sculptures, paintings and mosaics with Kim Jong’s portrait.

# In case of war or nuclear disaster, the stations turn into bunkers, but other mysteries are still unsolved

Credits: tonymacdonald1307 IG – Interiors of a Pyongyang metro station

Besides being the deepest underground network in the world, it is also the most mysterious, which has triggered some conspiracy theories. Because of the secrecy policy in place, visits are only granted to specific tourist groups, only some of the stations can be visited, and no complete tour is made available.

The same policy applies also to city tours in general, where the itineraries are strictly planned by tourist guides and some areas are totally off-limits.

It should be noted that the metro stations are connected to important military installations and that army and government officials have their own secret lines at their disposal, which are not indicated on the map. Moreover, huge steel doors are installed at the entrance of all underground stations, which would be used in case of war or nuclear disaster to transform the stations into actual bunkers.


(Original Article by Fabio Marcomin)

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