The SMALLEST CAMPER in the world: it costs like a Fiat Panda

The camper has all the amenities you could want, except for one

A micro-camper that has proved to be the ideal solution for holidays. It costs little, low consumption and despite its small size it can accommodate up to 4 people. Here’s what it is.

The SMALLEST CAMPER in the world: it costs like a Fiat Panda

#A 3.4 meter mini-camper that can accommodate 4 people

Credits: Honda N-Van Compo

The middle of summer. It is the Honda N-Van Compo made by the Japanese company White House in collaboration with Honda. It is a mini camper, smaller than a Fiat Panda, and costs less than one of the cheapest cars sold in Italy. With its 3.40 meters, the car is perfect to act as a camper and accommodate 4 people.

Everything is thought out down to the smallest detail: inside, support points have been designed for long journeys and compartments for clothes and luggage have been created. In addition, the Honda micro-camper consumes much less than classic campers: the engine can be either 52 or 63 horsepower (at the buyer’s choice) and the vehicle is very light, so much so that it consumes up to 10 times less than classic campers. The environment thanks, but the owner’s pockets are happy too.

#It has all the amenities (except one)


The camper has all the amenities you could want, except for one. Obtaining the 4 beds does not seem easy, yet it was all designed ad hoc. Two modular mattresses can be placed on a shelf on the “first floor” which is almost as large as the entire camper. Then, by turning one of the two seats, you get a fake bedside table as a support point. If we talked about “first floor” it means that there is also a second floor. In fact, a folding roof was created, where the second bed was placed.

The camper is also equipped with a heating system, two sinks and a microwave. There are also storage shelves, coffee table, mosquito nets, portable refrigerator and electrical sockets. For the furnishing of the camper, you can choose several solutions: Cabin (the most basic), Style-One and Style-Two. In fact, you can decide to add an awning that acts as a side veranda and a solar panel.

Only missing comfort? The bathroom.

# The price

But the strong point of the Honda N-Van Compo is the price. In Japan it is sold from 2,240,700 to 2,691,700 yen, or from just under 16,500 to about 19,790 euros, depending on the equipment you choose.


(Original article by Beatrice Balzaretti)