The CITY where you drive MINIGOLF CARTS. Here the car is abolished

The solution to the law that prohibits the use of the car

Credits: Avalon

Imagine a city where cars are abolished, too big to pass through the streets of the town.However, since moving only on foot is uncomfortable and tiring, you decide to propose minigolf carts as solution and new means of transport. It seems to be in a movie, a crazy and weird idea taken to capture the attention of the viewer because it’s something too hardly to found in reality.

The CITY where you drive on MINIGOLF CARTS. Here the car is abolished

Even if it could be a hypothetical scene of a film, certainly it is also reality. Yes, because there’s an island in California called Santa Catalina in which there’s only one city, Avalon. This is where people don’t drive cars but minigolf carts.

# The island that has only a city

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Santa Catalina Island

Avalon is the only city in a paradise island, perfect for both relaxing and adventuring. With its beautiful sands, hiking trails and beach bars on the ocean, the island offers a unique tourist experience that satisfies everyone’s desires.

#A thousand things to do in Avalon

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As the site describes, in Avalon you can do one of the most beautiful 10 snorkeling on the planet thanks to its transparent water and a very rich underwater life. On the island you can also take culinary tours, watch a show at the Casino and visit the oldest golf course still operating in West-Mississippi, as well as one of the most scenic in California.  It’s seems that there you can do anything. And Avalon, the only city of this amazing place, Avalon, contributes to its beauty thant to its houses that cling to a steep hill that surrounds the lively marina.

# Here residents ride golf carts


In addition to being a very special town, Avalon is certainly a city with strange habits. Habits that are dictated by laws after all. Here the winding and steep roads are not easy to drive, so the City has forbidden to use cars. The number of cars that can enter Avalon, in fact, is very limited and for this reason citizens found an option B: to use the golf carts.

A solution so particular that it has become almost a tourist attraction. Inside the city and the island, in fact, tourist tours in golf carts are very famous and visitors often rent these carts because they find it the most comfortable and characteristic solution.

# The law


More precisely, only “cars” can enter the city. By cars we mean that vehicles under 140 cm wide, 300 cm long and weighing less than 820 kg. That is why, golf carts are often considered the best solution. In addition, every resident can apply to the city council for a permit to own only one “car”, because a family can have just one vehicle. A law quite rigid that immediately suggests that owning a private car of normal size is almost impossible.