THE ISLAND that looks like MARS where you can eat SOIL

On a reddish island where it feels like walking on Mars, the earth is edible and is used to prepare some typical recipes

We hear about gastronomic weirdness every day. However, being able to eat soil had never been talked about instead, on this reddish island where it feels like walking on Mars, soil is edible and is used to prepare some foods. Here is where you can find it

THE ISLAND that looks like MARS where you can eat SOIL

# Hormuz: where bathing turns you red

@sayezaman Hormuz

Hormuz is an island in the Persian Gulf not far from the coast of Iran; it is part of the Hormozgan territory and has a population of 3.000. With an area of 42 km², Hormuz’s special feature is the color of its beaches.

A ruby red sand that has earned the island the nickname Rainbow Island, this is because when the red of the island meets the colorful hues of the water it creates amazing natural sights. The red of Hormuz’s land is due to the concentration of iron oxides in the sand. The oxide is so prevalent that when the water touches the beach it immediately turns deep red. Therefore, bathing in Hormuz’s waters appears to be impossible; you may even remain colored for a few days.

Credits: @qb_travels Hormuz

The island’s landscape consists of sedimentary rocks and volcanic materials of different colors, features that combined with the deep red of its soil are very similar to Mars. To go to the Red Planet on Earth, however, it would be best not to start in summer, due to the average 45 degrees and 95 percent humidity, but rather it is best to visit it in autumn or winter when the weather is pleasant.

# The world’s only edible top soil

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Hormuz’s soil cooking

Hormuz has no potable water, in fact it comes to it via a  aqueduct connected to the Continent, but its land is edible. It sounds like a paradox, and yet it is. The island’s soil is often used as food dyes or as a base for making sauces and jams.

It is the only soil in the world that can literally be eaten. It is collected, purified, filtered, and treated with heat so that iron oxide can be removed, then used to prepare some typical Iranian recipes. The earth is combined with curry as a spice, eaten on a typical island bread, or used to make sauces and jams. The flavor? Earthy taste

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(Original article by Beatrice Barazzetti)