How to become KING of an ISLAND in United Kingdom

The new king beat the competition of 190 candidates

Cumbria is a county located in the north-west of England that is home to the Lake District National Park, one of the most touristic areas in the United Kingdom. In early 2022, the Barrow administration published an announcement to find the new king of one of the UK’s most distinctive islands.

How to become KING of an ISLAND in United Kingdom

# New King Wanted

Credits: Photo © Ian Taylor (cc-by-sa/2.0)

On Piel Island, 800 meters off the coast of Furness, is the pub “The Ship Inn” which recently ran out of business.
So the City Council decided to publish an ad to select the one who would become the holder of a lease of the pub for the next 10 years, as well as having to manage and maintain other parts of the island, including the small campsite, always keeping present the constraints of what is a site recognized as of special naturalistic and scientific interest.

The selected candidate will also receive the title of “King” or “Queen” of Piel Island.
The announcement was broadcast all over the world, in the New York Times and Radio Canada, and the Barrow Borough Council, the keeper of the island, received about 200 nominations.

# The new King of Piel Island

Credits: Photo © Arnold Price (cc-by-sa/2.0)

After careful selection from the last 30 remaining candidates, 33-year-old Aaron Sanderson was selected. The man was pushed to apply, despite a secure job position, for the love he has for the island and the memories of the summer holidays spent in childhood on the island.

Mr. Sanderson will move to the island with his partner Anita Palfi who will accompany him on this adventure that will begin with the coronation ceremony which involves pouring beer on his head while sitting on an ancient chair, wearing a helmet and holding a sword.
We just have to wish Mr. Sanderson the best of luck in his first 10 years as a monarch!